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Video Rental Store Database Information Technology Essay

television receiver Rental break in Database Information Technology EssayDevelopment of a ikon Rental Store database application for JJ Video Library to facilitate efficient data storage and retrieval.Background to the ProjectJJ Video Library is a store which rents verboten films to its members. It was established in 2006. It is located in Kimara, Kinondoni district of Dar es Salaam. The stores success is due to the good service it provides to its members and the wide and varied stock of videos available for rent. The store is having difficulties in managing the increase amount of data calld and generated. It enduret cope with its own success. It now offers a big selection of videos to a growing number of members, which means that the level of service it provides is falling. A system that leave speed up the way they work, i.e. something to automate a lot of the day-to-day tasks that seem to take always to complete is needed.The aim of this cipher is to develop a database a pplication that exit help solve the increasing problems of data management.ObjectivesThe main objectives for the system are as follows3.1) TechnicalTo turn an overall requirements specification for the system.To aspiration and develop the system by adapting the waterfall model.3.2) PersonalTo gain programming screw in PHP and MySQL.To produce a system that exit meet the need of the store.To improve my understanding in organizing and carrying out a software development puke.3.3) AcademicTo meet the academic requirements of the B.Sc. ICTM final year Project.Justification4.1) Reasons for choosing this enterThe primeval reason for choosing this particular devise is to solve the business need of JJ Video Library, which is detailed in section 5.1. Without a real-time database application, it is extremely difficult to manage the growing size of the data being stored.In the bare-ass system the spare-time activity manual functions will be automated soften in and out begin custom er show details.Show customers current leases. pay a video on time.Return a video late pay fine.Return late video without paying. stipendiary outstanding fines. reconcile video details to check out.Check a video out. frontSearch for a impression. arguing genres.Add titleAdd the clean title to the database.Find the ID of the film we skilful added.Create copies of the film.Find existing artist.Connect the artist with the film. train genres.Sign upAdd new customer details. remove ID of new customer.List all debtorsShow list of customers with unpaid fines.A secondary reason for choosing this project is to broaden my knowledge in both the areas of PHP scripting and database application development. I am greatly interested in both areas and see this project as a way for me to investigate how both these areas can be combined to create robust database applications.4.2) How this project draws from other course subjectsDuring this project I will use legion(predicate) skills I feature acquired during my coursework, the table below summaries thisCodeCourse SubjectTechniques/Knowledge to be usedICT 106Introduction to Information Technology.Document and presentation preparation techniques.ICT 110Fundamentals of Computer Networks.Appliation deployment techniques and protocols.ICT 209 world(prenominal) Networks.ICT 116Management Information Systems.Salient components of Information Systems and how they couple with functional areas of a business.ICT 211Information Technology and line of descent Computing.ICT 208Database Concepts and Design.Relational database design techniques.ICT 214Computer Programming.Programming constructs.COM 200Business Communication Skills. piece of music writing techniques. taproom 220Research Methods.Research techniques.ICT 313Database Management and Administration.This subject has non been cover yet, so this project will deal out as an early investigation of subject.ICT 314Information Technology and Society.This subject has not been covere d yet, so this project will serve as an early investigation of the subject.ICT 315Software Engineering.This subject has not been covered yet, so this project will serve as an early investigation of the subject.ICT 316Systems Analysis and Design.This subject has not been covered yet, so this project will serve as an early investigation of the subject.ICT 317IT Project Management.This subject has not been covered yet, so this project will serve as an early investigation of the subject.4.3) What are the lodge gains from doing this projectThe development work will give me the opportunity to gain handy practice in a programming language. The project will give me a chance to put to use many of the techniques and concepts which I have learnt in my coursework. Database development methods and the application of formal systems development model to mention a few.Furthermore, upon the completion of the project, JJ Video Library store will have a powerful tool which they can use to store and r etrieve information more efficiently.The development work will serve as the means for meeting the requirements of the B.Sc. ICTM project component. The project will enable me to improve my software development power by developing a considerably sized software application, thus allowing me to gain valuable experience inplanning and organizing project workproblem-solvingsystems analysissystems designprogramming and canvassing4.4) Video term of a contract industry background studyThe picture rental industry has changed drastically over the years. Previously, movie fans could moreover rent movies at their local movie renting store, but the birth of new technologies and movie dispersal methods has changed the way the movie rental industry operates. Today, there are three major ways for movie buffs to obtain their movies the traditional movie rental store, online movie rental services, or no-return movie rental services. patch the movie rental industry is rapidly changing, movie renta l stores are still very financially successful. Movie rental stores make their money through a number of different methods including membership fees, rental fees, late fees, and movie purchases. Because online movie rental services are both cheap and convenient, they are rapidly becoming a strong competitor within the movie rental industry.Both options are high-minded for movie rental enthusiasts who enjoy renting movies regularly but dont want to be bothered with returning(a) the movies.One of the leaders in no-return movie rentals, Flexplay, offers superior quality and convenience over other no-return movie rental companies.Scope System Requirements5.1) ScopeThe scope of the system will be throttle to the midpoint business functions (Connolly Begg, 2004 132) of JJ Video Library, namelyTo prevent (enter, update, and delete) data on videosTo maintain (enter, update, and delete) data on membersTo maintain (enter, update, and delete) data on video rentalsTo maintain (enter, up date, and delete) data on staffTo effect searches on videos.To perform searches on video rentals.To perform searches on members.To report on videos.To report on members.To report on video rentals.5.2) System RequirementsUsage of the database application will be restricted to two groups of users, namely the executive program who will have unrestricted access to the system and the other staff members who will have limited access to the system.To effectively meet the needs of JJ Video Library the functionalities listed below need to be delivered. collect to the time constraints the project will only deliver the contents of this specification.The system will provide the following functionalityLog inConnect to MySQL database username password.Locate user in employees table.Log outTerminate MySQL database connection.Check in and outFind customer show details.Show customers current rentals.Return a video on time.Return a video late pay fine.Return late video without paying.Paying out standing fines.Locate video details to check out.Check a video out.SearchSearch for a movie.List genres.Add titleAdd the new title to the database.Find the ID of the film we just added.Create copies of the film.Find existing artist.Connect the artist with the film.Get genres.Sign upAdd new customer details.Get ID of new customer.Create a user accountAdd a new user.Grant privileges to user.Remove a user accountGet the username of the user.Remove the user from database.Revoke users privileges.Get user ID.List all debtorsShow list of customers with unpaid fines.Deliverables6.1) Development ApproachFor this project I plan on using the Waterfall systems development life cycle model and an object lie development approach using UML diagramming tools to model the systems architecture.The waterfall model (Pressman, 2005 79) will allow for a systematic, sequential approach to software development that will begin with customer-specification of requirements and will progress through planning, modeling, construction, and deployment, culminating in on-going support of the completed software. The figure below shows the proposed model.Waterfall Systems Development Model(Pressman, 2005 79)Another reason for choosing the waterfall model (Pressman, 2005 79) was because the requirements for the project are fixed and work is to proceed to completion in a elongated manner. And if there is any change in the requirements the model will provide for feedback loops (iteration).6.2) ArtefactsThe following parts of the project life cycle are part of this document. These include project initiation, project feasibility and requirements analysis. A upper-level design document will be the next deliverable. After that for each stage the following deliverables will be produced at the listed phasesDetailed DesignRequirements SpecificationUser Interface DesignDatabase DesignEntity affinity diagramData DictionaryFunctional DesignUse Case DiagramClass DiagramSequence DiagramDeployment DiagramB uildWorking Application campaignTest Plan Test Cases forAcceptance Testing To get a small sample of user opinions.Performance Testing To test the speed of the system under load, in a live environment.ImplementationUser Guide special deliverables required for the B.Sc. ICTM project component that will be produced includeFinal Project Report.Formal ad-lib PresentationTiming7.1) Major MilestonesAppendix A gives a detailed breakdown of the hours I have at my disposal to work on the project. I am convinced that I will be able to deliver within the target dates.IDMilestoneHoursStart DateTarget Datepelvic inflammatory diseaseProject Plan/Requirements Analysis7518 January 201131 January 2011HLDHigh-level Design Document7501 February 201114 February 2011Development PhasesDP1Core System/Database structure3515 February 201121 February 2011DP2Login_logout1722 February 201124 February 2011DP3Check_in_out1825 February 201128 February 2011DP4Search3501 border district 201107 parade 2011DP5Ad d_title3508 March 201114 March 2011DP6Sign_up3515 March 201121 March 2011DP7Create_user_account3522 March 201128 March 2011DP8Remove_user_account3529 March 201104 April 2011DP9List_debtors3505 April 201111 April 2011FPRFinal Project Report10512 April 201102 May 2011Total53518 January 2011June 2011Additional Information8.1) Project OrganisationThe project will be conducted entirely by myself.The project supervisor will be Mr. Almasi Maguya.8.2) ResourcesThe following tools will be put to use during this projectToolDescriptionApache 2.2.17Web Server.PHP 5.3.3Scripting Language.Star UML 5.0UML Diagramming Tool.Komodo cut down 6.0.3Text Editor.Microsoft Project 2003Project Management Software.MySQL Workbench 5.2.31Database Design Tool.MySQL 5.5.8Relational Database Management System.Adobe Photoshop CS4 elongateGraphics Editing 3.2.1Office Suite.

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