Monday, 24 February 2020

Methodology Proposal Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2750 words

Methodology Proposal - Essay Example Questionnaire method will be used to collect information from employees while the company’s manager will be interviewed. In a study to find out the employee engagement in IT organisations and manufacturing organisations, one hundred middle level executives , fifty of whom were from a car manufacturing firm and fifty from an IT service provider were interviewed (Desai, Majumdar, & P.Prabhu, 2010, p, 86). The car manufacturing firm and the IT service provider belonged to a large Bengaluru based conglomerate. Two principal questionnaires were sent to two hundred willing participants (Desai, Majumdar, & P.Prabhu, 2010, p, 86). Questionnaires were used because they could collect reliable and valid data from the middle level executives conveniently. The use of questionnaire was tested and reliability was found to be very high. Therefore, the study was found to be sufficiently valid (Desai, Majumdar, & P.Prabhu, 2010, p, 87). In this study a t-test was used to ascertain whether there was any significant difference between the sample from the two organisations, as far as employee engagement levels were report ed at work levels, and how employees perceived them. T-statistics were used to identify specific predictors that were perceived to have significant different levels in the two organisations. A two way analysis of variance was used in determining if there was any difference in employee engagement due to the perceived status of the organisation. A correlation analysis aimed at finding out the extent to which employee engagement and employee engagement predictors were expected to coexist in an organisation, was carried out (Desai, Majumdar, & P.Prabhu, 2010, p, 88). Andrew and Sofian, in their research, Individual Factors and Work Outcomes of Employee Engagement, which sought to find out uncertainty about the influence of individual factors of employee engagement on work outcomes, used a questionnaire survey to collect information (Andrew

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