Friday, 7 February 2020

Twitter Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Twitter - Research Paper Example The very first thing that must be considered within the topic is how Twitter has modified our communication. The issue is very important as Twitter plays a crucial role in society, because people usually rely on the information they read there and carefully select the information they post on twitter themselves. As far as more and more portable technological devices like smartphones and tablets are getting released almost every single day, availability of communication has the biggest rates than it has ever had. Personally I use my smartphone most of my time no matter where I am, because the device is always with me and I have a constant access to the Internet. The Twitter application allows me to stay in touch with the rest of the world any time I want, because I always can open my Twitter account and read what’s new happens, and not only in my friends’ lives but in the world in general. I also use tablet, because it is convenient to share news with my friends by posti ng links to my news feed through it. The availability of technological gadgets in fact impacts the way me and all the rest of people perceive communication nowadays. In the article â€Å"Evolution of Communication: From Email to Twitter and Beyond† Alex Iskold points on the fact that Twitter is not only a simple communicational tool but it is a service that is both a messenger and a blog (n.pag). Thus it turns out that Twitter users can post any information that concerns their lives without any requirement to get any response to it. This nuance makes Twitter a kind of social networking that has notifying character. For instance, when I want to interact with a particular person I may send a message on Twitter, which the person is supposed to read; although I do it publically and I get the person’s response that everybody in my news feed can also read. This kind of communication destroys the boundaries of privacy in relationships and in fact even

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