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IntroductionBefore 300 BC , geometric bids , make outs , and theorems were still unknown . The education such(prenominal) as A square line thunder lollipop be drawn betwixt any two points is a known fact in this modern time and such statement is the first postulate in the Elements , the script publish by Euclid of Alexandria , the ample Hellenic mathematician . This will briefly grapple the life of Euclid and his great division to geometryLife of EuclidAlthough Euclid s exact date and preeminence of birth was not attested , his contri onlyion in the performing field of mathematics has make him known as the convey of geometry . Euclid lived roughly 300 B .C . in Greece . An Arabian author , al-Qifti , preserve that Euclid s father was genus Naucrates and his grandfather was Zenarchus , that Euclid was a classic , natural in tire and lived in Damascus but in that location is no real proof that this is the kindred Euclid because another gay named Euclid of Megara , a philosopher who lived at the time of Plato , is very much confused with Euclid of Alexandria ( scalawag , 2007 . more or less historians are certain that Euclid was all Hellenic or Egyptian (World of ematics , 2006Euclid acquired his education in capital of Greece , Greece at Plato s Academy where around of the accomplished geometers of Euclid s time canvas (ibid . According to Proclus (419-485 A .D , Euclid came after the first givemans of Plato , lived during the reign of Ptolemy I in 306 to 283 B .C . and stretch out up his mathematical teach in Alexandria (Blumka VanAtta , 1998 . At his schooltime , he taught Archimedes , the student who later on became one of the greatest mathematicians . in that location are also researches that order that Euclid has taught mathematics in Alexandria Egypt at the great library at Alexandria which is known as the Museum (Page , 2007 . The Museum , make by Ptolemy , was considered as the stomach of the muses which is devoted to arts and sciences where many scholars worked and taughtEuclid was a kind , besides and patient teacher . is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
When a pupil who just perfect his first geometry lesson asked what he would abridge along from friendship geometry , Euclid told his slave to get along the pupil a coin so he would be gaining from his studies (Blumka VanAtta , 1998 Page , 2007 The Greek philosopher Proclus recorded that when Ptolemy asked the mathematician if thither was an easier vogue to learn geometry than through the Elements , Euclid replied , get under ones skin , there is no purplish road to geometry (ibidContributions to ematics and GeometryEuclid wrote his famous 13 volume book , the Elements which was translated into Latin and Arabic . For 2000 years , this book became the bible of geometry and the more or less influential text edition . This comprehensive compilation of geometrical knowledge was based on the works of Thales Pythagoras , Plato , Eudoxus , Aristotle , Hippocrates , Menaechmus and others mathematicians (Calvert , 2002 Macmillan Science subroutine library , 2006 Nosotro , 2008 Page , 2007 . It covers plane geometry , arithmetic and number theory , anomalous numbers , and solid geometry and nonionized with simple definitions , axioms , theorems , and methods for logical proofs (Blumka VanAtta , 1998 Nosotro...If you extremity to get a practiced essay, order it on our website:

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