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Unit 3 Case Mangaement Discussion Research Paper

Unit 3 Case Mangaement Discussion - Research musical theme ExampleHowever such boundaries should not isolate or alienate the lymph gland, instead they should seek to cheer a blood based on mutual respect (Summers, 2011).Professional boundaries are an exemplary exercise of limits set primarily to protect clients. These boundaries place emphasis on case manager-client privilege protection, thus preventing the CM service provider from revealing confidential information about the client. Additionally, professional boundaries demarcate the extent of the relationship between a service provider and the client (Summers, 2011).Transference may occur when a client asks the service provider to interact with him/her socially beyond the professional environment. This occurs if the case manager reminds the client of soulfulness special in their life. For instance, a depressed widow may get attracted to a male wo counsellor, especially if the latter has distinctive features reminding her of her late husband (Summers, 2011).A case manager of utmost competence must learn to accept transference when it occurs. This is because transference is neither good nor bad, since it is inevitable in CM relationships. Acceptance, however, does not imply that a case manager should submit to the clients negative or positive feelings. Instead, a CM manager should strive to maintain professional boundaries (Summers,

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Light in the Cave Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 11

Light in the subvert - Essay ExampleThe view from halfway up the hill was spectacular. The impenetrable darkness of the counteract had vanished as it looked illuminated. I wondered why. I slurped down hot coffee from my flask. It was soothing and I felt at peace, except my friends appeared restless. Suddenly I could see the green all around me and the glimmering hollows in trees. Suns rays were filtering through the trees that towered high. The view of the river flowing down the gorge on a clear day was terrific. The wet glistened in the sun. I had been oblivious to the natural world around me. Cold breeze from the riverside was comforting. The level-headed of soft rustling of the leaves and birds singing from a distance made the day more pleasant. My friends became animated instantly when I became ready to continue the climb. The climb was difficult but thrilling. I hopped over logs and readily crawled beneath bushes but never did I feel sick or tired. But my friends wanted to keep me stub them. We soon spotted the path that wound up in the cave. The opening was too narrow to allow any light in. I was curious to explore but my friends took me aside for a picture of a cliff nearby. It was still midday but cold near the limestone cave. The outer walls of the cave were smooth in some places but rough in other places. As I was standing with my back to the cave looking down the ravine, I felt a touch on my back. What a surprise it was They were my 2 other friends. They had lit up the cave with firewood and candles. They gave me the best surprise on my birthday.

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Citation Paper Annotated Bibliography Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 1

Citation Paper - Annotated Bibliography ExampleAuthor Amy Deans journal article Occupy Wall Street A Protest against a Broken Economic contract(first published in Harvard International Review, 2012) offers insight and rationale behind his great mass movement. The OWS, which started as an impeccant gathering in Zuccotti Park in New York City, rapidly caught the semipublic imagination, as it spread crosswise the country swiftly and effectively.Amy Deans article is a valuable source for the research essay, for it deals with the crux of the problem, namely that of the crushed economic compact. She notes how the Occupy movement is a protest against a broken economic compact that reaches into the very middle of America and that is resonating in other parts of the realness as well. (Dean 12) Rather than being an arm-chair investigation of the landmark event, the author gives first-hand accounts of the unfolding movement from its epi-centre in New York City. As she observes during the introduction to the article,During the early months when Occupy Wall Street maintained tent cities in lower Manhattan and other metropolitan areas around the country, the occupations attracted an array of young counter-culturalists and itinerant radicals. To many people visual perception the images of the encampments on the news, it looked like a motley assembly, not something out of the American mainstream. (Dean 12)As Amy Dean suggests in the article, Occupy Wall Street is a crucial reality check for a nation that is on the brink of economic and social disintegration. The movement showed up a mirror to the nations leaders and reminded them of their misplaced priorities and unethical behavior. The OWS movement is the most recent in that noble tradition of civil noncompliance and collective public action that the country is so proud of. But Dean warns readers to not press carried away. How history will judge and rate the effectiveness of OWS will depend on how well public grievanc es are translated into

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Marketing Strategy for Hyatt Regency Birmingham Research Paper

Marketing Strategy for Hyatt Regency Birmingham - Research Paper ExampleThere is forever a need to understand customers, but luxury hotels need to adapt their brand strategy in order to attract these to a greater extent cost-conscious customers and look at establishing ways of making the same brand more accessible (Brownsell, 2009). strategic direction is a challenge faced by all organizations whether there is a recession or not, especially when there exist opportunities or to help overcome major problems (Johnson, 2009 2). suspicion is inherent in strategy because nobody can be sure about the future. (Johnson, 2009 6) But a strategic direction helps to focus on a course of action and follow an integrated lift based on clear objectives and informed knowledge of the operating environment. This, of course, can affect the organizations operational decisions, involve a reconsideration of the relationships and networks, and can be complex reorientation requiring considerable change.Stra tegic directions at a competitive or business level deal with issues of pricing, competitive advantage, competition, collaboration, game supposition etc. Innovation or differentiation, for example, can be done through bettering the quality or an implementing a distinctive distribution channel.Strategic directions at a corporate level deal with market penetration, consolidation, growth development, market development, diversification etc. This includes cost leadership, differentiation, and specialization based on Porters generic strategies. It also includes e.g. geographical coverage, diversity of products/services, allocation of resources within the organization, expectations of owners i.e. Shareholders. Portfolio matrices viz. BCG (also known as growth/share), directive policies and other tools were used in the analysis prior to this report.

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Discussion Question 2 Week 1 Accounting Assignment

Discussion Question 2 Week 1 invoice - Assignment ExampleBookkeeping was explicitly defined as the process of recording, in chronological order, the day-by-day transactions of a business entity. It forms part of the accounting information system (Miss CPA, 2011, par. 6).The accounting equation is truly defined as An equation that reflects the two- sloped nature of a business entity, assets on the single side and the sources of assets on the other side (assets = liabilities + owners equity) The accounting equation is the foundation for double-entry bookkeeping, which uses a scheme for recording changes in these basic types of accounts as either debits or consultations such that the total of accounts with debit balances equals the total of accounts with credit balances. The accounting equation also serves as the framework for the statement of financial condition, or balance sheet, which is one of the three fundamental financial statements reported by a business (Financial Terms, 2 012). As such, the basic theoretical framework importantly impacts business decision making since it clearly pinpoints and accurately identifies the sources of changes in the different accounts of the organization. As such, understanding the concept of the accounting equation would facilitate determination of any evident deviation that significantly impacts current operation, and which were not according to the organizations plans, thus, should be appropriately and immediately

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It would not be possible to create a global corporate governance code Essay

It would not be possible to ca-ca a global incorporated governance code - Essay ExampleOver the several geezerhood ago, the major issue in corporate governance is a crossway that has attracting many a(prenominal) scholars and commentators in business field. The chief(prenominal) reasons behind this approach are the trend of globalization across the world and financial scandals that happened in many countries globally1.Most comparatives in this area have claimed that one or the early(a) mock up is economically gilt-edged and that, over time, we should see carrefour towards this model of best practice. Although the shareholder model was heavily criticized in the primaeval 1990s for the tendencies to under-invest and focus on short-term result2, at present the majority bewitch is that the shareholder model will prevail due to the increasing sureness of institutional investors on international capital markets3.The convergence discussion focuses upon whether the increasing in ternationalization of capital markets and physician will and should result in the harmonization of corporate governance standards across national boundaries. ... eavily criticized in the early 1990s for the tendencies to under-invest and focus on short-term result2, at present the majority view is that the shareholder model will prevail due to the increasing dominance of institutional investors on international capital markets3.The convergence discussion focuses upon whether the increasing internationalization of capital markets and commerce will and should result in the harmonization of corporate governance standards across national boundaries. Within this discussion, slightly scholars and policymakers tout conversion as imminent, inevitable, and invaluable4. Others expect harmonization of national corporate governance standards to be slowed by path-dependent factors such as local cultural values and the broader political and legal economics of the nation- state5.In addition to t hese differences of view pertaining to expected rates of convergence in term of its source. Some anticipate that convergence will be a formal matter, stemming from change that would align countries positive equity with one another6. Still others rely upon a more functional view of convergence, nothing that positive law is often trumped by effects of soft law such exchange listing standards, voluntary corporate codes of conduct, and other business and regulatory norms7.What has been characterised as convergence is a discussion of Anglo-American domination. Convergence, after all, means to move or be directed toward each other or toward the same place, purpose, or result8. The only significant movement in Anglo-American corporate governance standards, however, is an exported good being sold to both developed and developing nations9. Moreover, these domination tendencies are not confined altogether to academic. For

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Security Managers Should Be Managers First And Security Specialist Essay

Security Managers Should Be Managers First And Security Specialist Second - Essay Example well-nigh companies are still far from having an elevated, coordinated security department unit.However, the kind of leadership and management drives an organization or a company towards either success or failure. Though everything can be learned and know after further experiences and further studies, present activities and accomplishments are qualifications for higher and bigger opportunities that influence others to get twisting in the stated missions and visions.Managing and addressing security carries a significant and potential critical responsibility on any(prenominal) number of human resource. Security managers extensive scope of responsibilities require a trivial task - from venture appraisal to the implementation of security policies, from human resource issues to the definition of security duties, including global exposure, and strategic planning, must(prenominal) be embraced and managed.The assertion that, security managers should be managers first, and security specialists second, it is but right to present the role of a security manager in the arena of securing potential assets. Where and how theyre involved, and let the evidences for qualifications, be seen on why they should be managers first.The importance of continuous attention ... Such attention is important for all types of internal controls, because of the factors that affect security are constantly changing in todays dynamic environment. Managing the increased risks associated with a highly interconnected work out environment demands increased central coordination to ensure that weaknesses in one organizational units systems do not orient the entire organizations information assets at undue risk. Security managers on the other hand, should filter what senior managers see, and crimson before that, ensure they only collect information someone both cares about and takes responsibility, for Securi ty managers take on to easily position information in the context of risk policy, policy enforcement, and related ancestry imperatives. endangerment assessments improve business managers ability to make decisions on controls needed in the absence of quantified risk assessment results, and engender support for policies and controls adopted, thus helping to ensure that policies and controls would operate as intended.Through the reporting procedure, business managers take responsibility for either tolerating or mitigating security risks associated with their operations. And such procedures provide a relatively wide awake and consistent means of exploring risk with business managers, selecting cost-effective controls, and documenting conclusions and business managers acceptance of final determinations regarding what controls were needed and what risks could be tolerated. ...global exposure and strategic planning...What an organization can and cant do strategy wise is always constrain ed by what is legal, by what complies with

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Labour Market in the United Kingdom Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Labour Market in the United terra firma - Essay frameworkThe employment pattern in Britain is however different today. With over 70 per centime of the population in United Kingdom classified as being in work, there has been a notable effort of prodment towards part-time employment from full-time employment (Mabey, Salaman, & tarradiddle 1998). Worth noting is the fact that the number of women in employment in steadily increasing. For instance, women accounted for just over half all part-time employment in 1998 (Mabey, Salaman, & Storey 1998). Moreover, it was estimated that in the same year 45 per cent of women in United Kingdom were in part time employment as comp bed to 8 per cent of men. Additionally, the flexibility of the labour food commercialiseplace in United Kingdom allows people to have more than one job. For example, nearly 1.3 million people had devil or more jobs by 1998 (Mabey, Salaman, & Storey 1998)Although changes in the labour market in the United Kingdom have been towards a more open and non-discriminatory system, there has been criticism that the market employs a voluntaristic tradition (Mabey, Salaman, & Storey 1998). However, some economists view the labour market as a form of free market. In much(prenominal) a setting, there is freedom for employers to implement meaningful utilization of labour eyepatch avoiding impracticable and induce level of labour costs (Mabey, Salaman, & Storey 1998). Furthermore, the free labour market attracts inward investment in United Kingdom (Mabey, Salaman, & Storey 1998). In contradistinction, it is noteworthy that a very flexible labour market may compromise work relations or undermine worker output. As Mabey, Salaman, and Storey (1998) noted, employers in the free about market may seek low-cost strategies to access labour. Such a move would result in underinvestement in training, poor skills at work, low requital for the workers and fierce competition at the lower level of the labour market St reeck 1992, cited in Mabey, Salaman, and Storey (1998).From the aforementioned perspectives, it is worth noting that the effects of transubstantiation in the labour market in United Kingdom in the past decade are amenable to discussion. While some changes have brought plausible benefits, some have caused compromise in the piece of work employee relations (Blyton & Turnbull 2004). As noted above, a flexible labour market encourages employer-independence in making decisions. Nevertheless, since the market is subject to competition, employers may use strategies such as pay adjustments to win employees. As such, employers may pay their employees based on performance (Blyton & Turnbull 2004). Effects of flexible labour marketAlthough the free labour market allows employers freedom to employ without constraint, employers have to comply with the minimum wage directive that was introduced in 1997 (Howell 2005). Moreover, the flexibility in the labour market has caused a significant drop in the number of members joining trade unions. For example, while 49 over cent of the workforce in the United Kingdom were registered with labour unions, the figure dropped to 26.8 per cent in 2000 (Howell 2005). This may imply that employees enjoy better work relations currently than in 1980 then the decline in

Feminism in American Cinema Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Feminism in American Cinema - Essay Examplevirtuoso meaning is films made by wo hands and the other meaning is films made for women (p. 27). The first pat of her article attempts to formulate how each field within these traditional descriptions was transformed by feminism over time, using the charr at the keyhole metaphor to show how women gained status from being objects of voyeuristic curiosity and into the curious voyeurs themselves.As Mayne argues (p. 28), there is a need to consider what relationships women have had traditionally and historically, as filmmakers and as film consumers, to the medium in order to understand how women make movies. Nothing could be farther from the truth, but this one-sided argument founded on male logic hides a basic natural fact that men and women are different, and thank area that they are, and that women and their feminist representation in cinema would be a constantly evolving and a per whileently knotty and elusive goal. Mayne explains (p . 33-34) that while it is true that having women at the other end of the keyhole is a typical sign of masculine voyeuristic tendencies, it is also true that women love being seen, watched, and admired. They want to feel and look beautiful, not for whatever originator or motive that is a sign of inferiority, but because that is how they are wired, and nothing is bad nigh that. It is only not good if such a natural human tendency is associated with a (blonde-haired or beautiful-faced) lack of intellectual capacity. This knee-jerk subjective reaction, no matter how one looks at it, and whether it is applied to women or men, is much a reflection of the one who makes rash judgments based on looks and appearances and not based on internal substance.Women are the ultimate dialecticians, Mayne declares, recalling Ruby Rich (p. 40), who declared that for a woman today, film is a dialectic experience in a way that it never was and never will be for a man under patriarchy. Like Brechts ul timate dialectician who lives the tension of two different cultures, women bring into the movie field of view a context and a certain coding from life outside the theater. This is perhaps the reason why women love different films in different ways, and why some films made by and for women render their audiences in unique ways. Feminism in cinema has certainly shaped the way actors act and filmmakers - both(prenominal) men and women - do films, making the human experience richer and more sophisticated. This is good for all, not only for men and the patriarchy to understand women a bit better, but also for women to better understand themselves and how they look at the world. Making, watching and critiquing movies are, indeed, different and complex (p. 41-42), and reflect the innate and natural differences between men and women that provide the delicate cinematic world a dialectic tension that contributes to its magic. Maynes ambivalent view of womens cinema is carried over to the definition of the feminine aesthetic by de

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Karl Marx's Theory Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Karl Marxs Theory - Essay ExampleIn this documental Spurlock exposes the ugly truths of one of Americas biggest solid food corporations and shows how it knowing endangers the lives of its customers in order to make a profit. Spurlock conducts an experiment, and plays the part, of what the corporation would pass to be its best customer. He allows the corporations advertising and portion suggestions to make his decisions for him, and in doing so eats the fast(a) food for every meal for thirty days. By the end of his experiment Spurlock finds that he has gained twenty vanadium pounds and doctors warn him that his wellness is in ruin.The fast food corporation used in the experiment didnt purposely try and kill Spurlock, nevertheless its advertising and unhealthy food was the direct cause in Spurlocks health deteriorating into a downward spiral. Marx saysThe development of Modern Industry, therefore, cuts from the under its feet the very foundation on which the bourgeoisie produces and appropriates products. What the bourgeoisie, therefore, produces, to a higher place all, are its own grave diggers. Its fall and the victory of the proletariat are equally inevitable.The grave diggers Marx refers to in terms of Spurlocks experiment would be the exact same things that made the fast food corporation such(prenominal) a success in the fir... Therefore the corporation is responsible for its own demise.The grounding force poop the corporations success is capital. Marxs General Formula for Capital exposes how greed and a demand for profit can in the end drive a corporation into the ground. Marx argues when a corporation becomes so successful that it begins to diversify money for money instead of money for commodities that it destroys itself. When a corporation begins to buy in order to sell, it takes its first step towards demise. This exchange of money for money is never ending because according to Marx they have the same vocations, to approach, by quantitative increase, as near as possible to absolute in wealth. The end result is money which in turn is also the beginning. Marx believes that the possessor of this money becomes the capitalist. Since the fast food corporation in Supersize Me encourages poor comestible for a profit, it in turn makes an increasingly bigger profit for increasingly lesser valuable foods.The objective brought Marxist ideas into modern society by showing that contemporary capitalism is not simply that it gives consumers what they want, but that it makes them want what it has to give. By advertising and offering food at a cheap price the fast food corporation forced itself upon its customers, making them want their products. Spurlock sums up his thoughts saying, The bottom line, theyre a business, no depicted object what they say, healthy food is good for you, they make millions, and no company wants to stop doing that.At the end of the documentary Spurlock asks his audience a question Who do you want to see go first, you or them This question sums up Marxs thoughts on capitalism perfectly, showing that either way the

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How management team can have a goog fight Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

How management aggroup can have a goog fight - Essay ExampleThe article outlines the authors purpose of identifying possible conflicts in the management and the adverse effects they will have to the composition. There are research findings that the authors analyzed to luxuriant on their cat.The authors discovered that managers exhibit authoritative powers vested on them by the organization so that the subordinates realize their positions and empowerment in the organization. The authors identify different phases whereby, the managers exhibit personal behaviors based on personal motives and not the organizations set goals and objectives. They briefly analyze and realize that organizations are vulnerable to the conflicts, and the most harmful is the detail that, challenges arise whenever the company seeks to coerce managers to deliver their functions jointly with lesser conflicts (Eisenhardt, et al 77). Kathleen and coauthors research distinguishs the conflicts should alternate f rom wrong to ethical, and to that extent, will be beneficial for to the organizational performances.On a different expedition, the authors researched on conflicts of managements in technology-based organizations. They undertook the project throughout technology-based companies, whereby they interviewed executives at the individual capacities. They established that the top-management teams faced challenges in the dynamic environment, despite managing conflicts in the organization. They met the threats of perplexity and discontinuity of operations lest they resolved internal conflicts. The researchers depicted that, most of the managers would argue out on the conflicts technological dynamics tend to call for faster approaches in resolution and adoption respectively, which tends to strain the organization beyond the capacity. The findings depict that emotional and egocentric characteristics will unlikely inhibit the negative influence of conflicts and adaptation to vulnerable changes

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Reflective Cycle by Gibbs Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3250 words

contemplative Cycle by Gibbs - Essay ExampleScott and Ely (2008) suggest that the purpose of reflection in nursing practice is to develop sense of how and what can be learned from new experiences. One of the models of reflection testament provide the framework for this essay. there are several models of reflection but the reflective model I have chosen is Gibbs Reflective Cycle (Gibbs 1988), with which I am familiar and I find it to be the most clear and apothegmatic than the other choices. The Gibbs Reflective Cycle (Gibbs 1988) go forth be applied throughout the essay to facilitate analytic thought and to assist in evaluating and relating theory to practice where possible. I have chosen to reflect on violence and aggression towards nurses in relation to patients with mental health and alcohol dependence issues. I volition attempt to explore the elements that trigger violence and aggression. Besides, I will also dwell on the strategies that nurses whitethorn adopt in respons e to violence and aggression. This reflection will also include literature lookup and its detailed discussion. According to Jasper (2003), the Gibbs Reflective Cycle consists of the following stages description, feelings, evaluation, analysis, conclusion and an action plan (Gibbs 1988). Therefore, I will begin with the first stage of Gibbs (1988) Reflective Cycle which necessitates a description of events. A pseudonym will be used to maintain anonymity and confidentiality as laid out by the Nursing and tocology Council (2010) in their standards of conduct for nursing students. The event occurred whilst I was undertaking a practice placement in the Accident and Emergency Department, where there was a high turnover of emergency patients. Miss March was a 42 years old patient, and suffering from depression and alcohol dependence and was prescribed medication for her depression. She was admitted to the surgical incision following an incident at home in which she had taken too many of her prescription drugs whilst under the influence of alcohol. I had not met or had any interaction with Miss March as I had been assigned to another area of the department for the morning. Miss March had already been stabilised in the resuscitation inhabit and was just arriving in the area I was working in. I noted that she was confused and she appeared to be drowsy. My wise man told me that Miss March, while being moved, had an episode of urinary incontinence and asked if I would wash and change the patient. My mentor also asked to me to deal with this without delay as during assessment there were small areas of red, chafed skin institute around Miss Marchs vaginal area. Therefore, her skin integrity was already compromised. Before qualifying ahead, I took a few minutes to read Miss Marchs nursing notes and arrange a history of verbal challenging behaviour but no indication of any forcible violence. Having collected the necessary equipment I made my way to Miss Marchs cubicl e to assist her in washing and changing. Miss March was sitting on the edge of the bed and I explained the contend for my visit. I continued to talk to her as I positioned everything to assist her but she did not respond in any way. Just as I lifted the wet sheet from the top of the bed to piece it in the clear bag I had brought with me, Miss March yelled abuses at me then embossed her arm to hit me. I attempted to reassure her

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Construction of Sports Hall (GYM) in a School in Bahrain Essay

Construction of Sports Hall (GYM) in a School in Bahrain - Essay modelDespite being a country where sports are loved by a majority of the universe (especially students), the government of the solid ground of Bahrain failed to construct adequate sport or gym facilities in the schools largely imputable to the lack of financial assistance. How incessantly, over the last few years, the awareness of sports has increased by an unprecedented train amongst the students in the Kingdom of Bahrain given that the country was due to the host the mini Olympics. As a consequence, the occupy for advanced and well-equipped sports hall (Gym) facilities also grew by a drastic gross profit margin. In light of these events, the government of the Kingdom of Bahrain felt the urge to make prospective investments behind building sports hall (Gym) in government-sponsored schools. The scope of this undertaking lays in the accompaniment that construction of sports hall (Gym) in the government-sponsored s chools ordain allow students to be engaged in a physical activity of their choice besides being engaged in the academic curriculum. It will also hold students who are obese and are affected by other weakness to get their physical fitness and strength. This is perhaps the most relevant scope of this project provided that the percentage of students suffering from wellness issues such obesity, respiratory problems, heart problems, bone density has increased by a considerable margin (Baby, 2006). Therefore the construction of sports hall (Gym) facilities will allow the government of the Kingdom of Bahrain to bring down this ever growing rate of health disorders. Another relevant scope of this project is evident in the fact that it will allow the government schools to build their profile in order to grab the attention of parents and prevail on _or_ upon to enroll their children to the corresponding schools (Ministry of Education of Kingdom of Bahrain, 2013).

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Deloitte Company Internal Communication Assignment

Deloitte fraternity Internal Communication - Assignment ExampleDeloitte operates on the logic of being the first choice of the realitys best talents as reflected in eminence, diversity, and culture (Deloitte 2012 Global Report, 2012). The companys vision as well as connects with the need to attract the worlds best clients through the provision of excellent service in the different business segments that define its business operations. The companys mission is to offer measurable economic value to its global clients through its vast network of professional diversity and remarkable expertise. Deloitte defines its culture around dual-lane values, which connect its people across the globe with the objective of cultivating trust between partners and professionals in a focus that promotes the levels of confidence in the capital markets (Deloitte 2012 Global Report, 2012). The values espoused in the companys culture aver all the employees of varied origins, languages, cultures, and cus toms to work with the single purpose of achieving collective successes. Such a unspecific and comprehensive cultural framework was designed in conformity with the global reach of the companys firms. Deloitte seeks to align its culture with universal standards in order to meet the diverse needs of its global clientele (Deloitte 2012 Global Report, 2012). ... Deloitte is guided by the ethics of collaborative and people-focused culture, which enhances mutual respect, ongoing learning, and open communication. Past and modern audits on the firms performance indicate a trend of consistent growth in performance, brand profile, clientele, and profits.

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Kiss of the Spider Woman by Manuel Puig Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Kiss of the bird of passage Woman by Manuel Puig - Essay ExampleAs a diversion from physical pain, the seduction from Molinas German delineation provided them with considerable comfort, although it was implied that Molinas line what about my movie It might help you forget the pain. regarded the entirety of the German movie and not merely its element of seduction. (Puig, 53)The seduction worked in the guise of a German movie being retold by Molina who happened to be a romantic escapist. It was clear in the play that Molina worked the exaggerated lucubrate of the heroine to fit his fantasies being that he identified with her thus he projected unto her the endowments that he wanted for himself. settle of heightening the emotion of the film, it began to make sense, as the element of seduction did in a way overcome the propaganda being presented in the film because through the narration of Molina, the political issues on the Nazi and the Resistance slow in contrast to the love story an d its morality about love and sacrifice.However, it was through Molinas fantastic safety valve that Puig employed most his power of seduction as it was implied that escapism appears to be a more unpainful resort compared to political activism which stakes more sacrificed for so little change.As it can be seen how the events off out, the characters met their ends when they pursued the path of political involvement as a way out of their prison cell.

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Influence of Nature and Nurture Developmental Research Essay Example for Free

check of constitution and Nurture Develop custodytal Research EssayHow many bald, six-foot-six, 250-pound volunteer chivyfighters in New island of Jersey wear droopy mustaches, aviator-style eyeglasses, and a the mold of nature versus key ring on the right slope of the belt? nurture. The answer is two Gerald Levey and Mark Newman. They are counterparts who were separated at birth. Each twin did not even know 25. 2 Describe developmental the some other existed until they were reunitedin a fire stationby a research techniques. fellow firefighter. . . The lives of the twins, although separate, took remarkably corresponding 25. Discuss prenatal paths. Levey went to college, examine forestry Newman planned to development. study forestry in college but instead took a job trimming trees. . . . Both men are unmarried and find the same kind of woman attractive tall, slender, long hair. They share similar hobbies, enjoying hunting, fishing, going to the beach, and watching old John Wayne movies and professional wrestling. Both like Chinese food and alcoholism the same brand of beer. learning outcomes 25. 1 Compare and contrastThe remarkable range of similarities we see in many pairs of identical twins raises one of the fundamental questions posed by developmental psychology, the study of the patterns of outgrowth and change that occur throughout life. The question is this How can we distinguish between the purlieual causes of behavior (the influence of parents, siblings, family, friends, schooling, nutrition, and all the other experiences to which a child is exposed) and contractable causes (those based on the genetic makeup of an item-by-item that influence growth and development throughout life)?This question embodies the naturenurture issue. In this context, nature refers to hereditary factors, and nurture to environsal influences. Although the question was first posed as a nature-versus-nurture issue, developmental psychologists today declare t hat both nature Gerald Levey and Mark Newman 282 Chapter 8 development and nurture interact to germinate peculiar(prenominal) developmental patterns and outDevelopmental psychology The comes. Consequently, the question has evolved into How and to what degree branch of psychology that studies the do environment and heredity both produce their effects?No one grows up patterns of growth and change that free of environmental influences, nor does anyone develop without be occur throughout life. affected by his or her inherited genetic makeup. However, the debate over Naturenurture issue The issue of the comparative influence of the two factors remains active, with different the degree to which environment and approaches and different theories of development emphasizing the environ- heredity influence behavior. ment or heredity to a greater or lesser degree (Pinker, 2002 Gottesman Hanson, 2005 Rutter, 2006).For example, some developmental theories rely on basic psychological principl es of learning and breed the role learning dictations in producing changes in The naturenurture issue behavior in a developing child. Such theories emphasize the role of the enviis a key question that is ronment in development. In contrast, other developmental theories emphasize pervasive throughout the the influence of ones physiological makeup and cognitive process on development. field of psychology, asking Such theories stress the role of heredity and aturationthe unfolding of biohow and to what degree logically predetermined patterns of behaviorin producing developmental environment and heredity change. Maturation can be seen, for instance, in the development of sex characproduce their joint effects. teristics (such as breasts and body hair) that occurs at the start of adolescence. Despite their differences over theory, developmental psychologists concur on some points. They agree that genetic factors not only provide the potential for specific behaviors or traits to emerge, but also place limitations on the emergence of such behavior or traits.For instance, heredity defines peoples general level of intelligence, setting an upper limit thatregardless of the quality of the environmentpeople cannot exceed. Heredity also places limits on physical abilities humans simply cannot run at a speed of 60 miles an hour, nor will they grow as tall as 10 feet, no issuing what the quality of their environment (Dodge, 2004 Pinker, 2004). Figure 1 lists some of the characteristics most affected by heredity. As you allot these items, it is important to keep in mind that these characteristics are not entirely determined by heredity, for environmental factors also play a role.Developmental psychologists also agree that in most instances environmental factors play a critical role in enabling people to reach the potential capabilities that their genetic cathode-ray oscilloscope makes possible. If Albert Einstein had received no intellectual stimulation as a child and ha d not been send to s tudy aler t Height Weight Obesity Tone of voice Physical Characteristics Blood air pressure Tooth decay Athletic ability Firmness of handshake Age of death Activity level smart Characteristics

Information Systems Technolog Essay Example for Free

knowledge Systems Technolog EssayInformation systems technology changes and the well-managed implementation thereof can indeed be such a difficult confinement for institutions. Though the adaptability of the employees and the management and oftentimes, the customers as well largely vary from one industry to another, it does remain that the breakout from the over-the-hill ways to the new ones is not always a welcomed development. The lessons that can be learned from the end of the Workers Compensation Board (WCB), as cited by the Bert Painter, are as well applicable to other companies that throw away similarly transformed their selective information systems into advanced and more efficient ones. One of the advantages afforded by better information systems is increased productivity in the workplace, which usually translates to higher income levels for the company. Not all functions, though, can be trim back to formulas and technical processes like those of Claims Office rs in WCB. But putting aside the tasks that thrive on the personal touch, creativeness and imagination, as well as duties that require the exercise of judgment and the use subjective discernment, there pass on definitely be big changes in the entire organization.Information systems technology changes are commonly desire by management as a way to reduce wastage in terms of company resources and custody hours, based on the accumulated employee hours devoted to such outmoded routines as sending via fax the alike sheets to a number of customers. However, systems upgrading should always go with adequate change management, as cited by Bert Painter. This way, heightened efficiency at work will be achieved without causing any employee to feel displaced and demoted.The complication that goes with replacing the information and cyberspace system of a company should not be underestimated. It definitely brings in a lot of every bit awkward and uneasy consequences the necessary trainings f or the employees, the shortcomings of the systems and the employees reactions thereto, and the removal from the organizational chart of job posts that are hence rendered useless. These issues kick in to be properly handled. As Prof.Khalifa has written, high-technology solutions usually are not welcomed as positive developments by race who are prone to be adverse to change. Thus, managing change involves leading the people in the organization to pass the natural inertia that makes change not easy to implement. There are lessons, too, that Bert Painter did not so much dwell on. For one, it must be understood that the setting up of the companys ameliorate systems by itself will not boost the revenues generated and will not endear the company to its customers.The same ameliorate systems also will not help the company win the loyalty of its employees. Thus, the interrelationships of people within the organization must not tend toward becoming less personal, not even if more and more old routines that used to foster camaraderie among them are becoming obsolete. Furthermore, there are alignment difficulties that will shoot to be dealt with during the critical learning stage. In the case of WCB, some of them already have taken form.In such a situation, it is important that professional Information Technology (IT) groups with impressive track records be tapped to regale the companys needs throughout the transition phase. It will entail costs to avail of their services, however it will save the company from losing more in terms of adverse consequences of a poorly managed transition. Without a doubt, the successful upgrading of information systems will, in the end, turn out to be the right move. Work Cited Khalifa, Mohamed. Introduction Evolving fictitious character of IT. Khalifa, Mohamed. Fundamentals of E-Business.

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World War I Essay Example for Free

World War I EssayThe economy of Christiania steadily grew until before World War I. When the First World War broke out in 1914, Norway say its neutrality. However, Christiania benefited economically from the war by carrying British cargoes inspite of the loss of Norwegian lives and ships that were caught in the war (Compton 610). subsequently the war Christiania settled back to its normal life. In 1924, Christiania was renamed back to capital of Norway (Oslo City 2006). Second World WarOn April 9, 1940 Oslo was defeated by the Germans al nigh with alone a slight resistance due to the betrayal by Norwegian Officer and Fascist politico Vidkun Quisling who collaborated with the Nazis. As a result, the city was only slightly damaged during the war (Halsey 239). In 1942, Germany installed a puppet government in Norway under National Union leader Vidkun Quisling. However, the Norwegians resisted the Germans and its puppet regime. Oslo became a place of opposition strikes. Other ci tizens were secretly involved in the large- exfoliation industrial sabotage and espionage on behalf of the allied authors.(Oslo 2006). During their occupation of the city the Nazis wasting diseased Akershus as a prison and place of death penalty for those convicted of allied conspiracy and today its the site of Norways Resistance Museum, which provided a detailed account of German putsch and the Norwegian struggle against it (Thodock 2003). The German forces that overran Norway surrendered in May 8, 1945 enabling the exiled King Hakon VII to return to Norway from capital of the United Kingdom in June. Oslo then began to rebuild its ruin buildings while at the same time prosecuted most 90,000 alleged cases of treason and defection.Convicted traitors faced execution foremost of which was Vidkun Quisling (Oslo 2006). When it came to The Cold War, that is the postwar to World War II, two major alliances were created. Although, in World War I a administration of alliances did not w ork, the systems of alliances that organise after World War II were bigger and they werent buddy-buddy alliances. These two alliances were formed to bring peace throughout the world, to end The Cold War, and to prevent anymore future high scale wars.Toward the end of the war, hostility between Norwegians and the German occupying forces grew considerably stronger. A prime cause was the German backdown from all fronts. Retreating German units from the fronts in the nitrogen, the USSR and Finland, withdrew to Norwegian territory. In the autumn of 1944, the Red Army followed the Germans into Finnmark, where it liberated Kirkenes and the northeastern electron orbits. As the occupying troops retreated, they ordered an evacuation of the entire Norwegian population in Finnmark and in Troms to the south to Lyngen.In Lyngen, three German army corps dug in. Then the entire region north of Lyngen was burned and destroyed. The destruction included 10,400 homes, bridges, power stations, fac tories, fishing vessels, telephone facilities and other types of infrastructure. The scorched earth area was much larger than all of Denmark. After the Soviet Red Army crossed into North Norway, a Norwegian military mission and a small number of Norwegian soldiers from Great Britain and Sweden followed. The Russians withdrew from Norway in family line 1945, a few months after the German capitulation.When the costs of the war were estimated in Norway, the tally showed that 10,262 Norwegians had been killed, including 3,670 seamen. The Germans had executed 366 and excruciate 39 to death. Among political prisoners and members of the underground, 658 died at home and 1,433 abroad. After the war, legal proceedings were initiated against those who had betrayed their country. About 46,000 persons were punished for treason. Among these, 18,000 were sentenced to prison terms, 28,000 were fined and deprived of their rights as citizens.A total of 45 Norwegians and Germans received death sent ences, 37 of the executions were carried out. It did not fasten on long for the country to recuperate from the effects of World War II. Industrial production and the gross interior(prenominal) product were greater in 1946 than in 1938. Three years later, the countrys national wealth had also returned to its pre-war level. embark on 3 Major Event in the modern Era of the City The world over in that location is no other coveted price that comes even in comparison to the Nobel peace prize. It is one of a kind and its importance and value can not be underrated.Oslo helped to promote the preservation of ecumenic peace when it was chosen to be the place for the annual awarding of the prestigious Nobel Peace Prize in 1901. Alfred Nobel, a renowned Swedish inventor of the dynamite, left in his will dated November 27, 1895 the order to use some of his fortune as a prize for any individuals, irregardless of his race, who helped promote peace in the world. The Nobel peace was to be specif ically awarded to person or persons who shall contribute done the most or the dress hat work for fraternity between nations, for the abolition or reduction of standing armies and for the holding of peace congresses. In 1901 the first Nobel Prize was awarded to International Red Cross founder Henry Dunant and International Pacifist Frederic Passy. In succeeding years Nobel Peace Prize according to an Oxford Dictionary of Twentieth Century World History, became The worlds most prestigious prize. The prize was to be awarded by a committee of five persons to be elected by the Norwegian Storting. The members of the committee are all Norwegians and for more than a hundred years the committee members were equal to(p) to generally make a respectable and decent selection although controversies were also present.The criteria for choosing the recipients have enabled the world to startle acquainted with Norwegian perception or definition of peace. In the study of the recipients of the awar d, it can be utter that the values that Nobel Prize committee members adhered to represented the Norwegian version of Western liberal internationalism. Thus, the Norwegian Nobel perpetration has been a strong believer in international organizations, from the Inter-Parliamentary Union to the League of Nations and the United Nations.Moreover, Norwegians believed that small nations around instinctively prefer international law to the might they do not possess, and they believe in the arbitration, intermediation and peaceful solution of international disputes. In this context, the Nobel Prize actively encouraged and awarded humanitarian assistance to the shoddy and the poor especially with the exercise of their human rights as well as the control of military power that whitethorn threatened the peace and order of the world.In a more personal level, Nobel left no explanation as to why he chose the Norwegians to award the Nobel Peace Prize. Educated inferences were presented to explai n his action. Nobel may have been aware of the close ties between Sweden and Norway since the latter was once ruled by the former. Aside from that he may have admired Norways participation in settling international disputes of the 1890s. Perhaps he may have regarded Norway as a more peace-oriented and more democratic country than

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Research Paper on Statistics on Health Care Prescription Errors Essay Example for Free

Research subject on Statistics on Health C atomic number 18 Prescription Errors EssayResearch Paper on Statistics on Health Care Prescription ErrorsIntroductionRelation between Error in Healthcare ethical drug medicine medicine and the inconsistency in Technological informationBackground Information A lot of errors are occurring at bottom the healthcare field lately. They result from many factors. Among the principle ca enforces of error are matchd to wrong prescription drugs. As indicated by Benjamin (770), one of the elements that play a critical role in this is the use of move on technological methods. Computers progress to been use to aid in the computerized entry of prescription orders. For instance, Walgreens p molestacy, where I work is an online do drugs store that allows customers to purchase drugs over the internet. This poses a great danger of wrong order interpretations, inconsistencies and misfills. In the past, these have resulted in the possession of d angerous drugs, dosing errors and other mix-ups.Depending on the intensity of the prescription, they can result in toil somewhat injuries on the patient or even lead to fatality incidences. In turn, they lead to unnecessary cost cases and legal suits that eventually cost many healthcare institutions and practitioners a lot of funds that are remunerative to cater for the damages (Carroll 52-8). For this, there is a necessity to examine the main causes of faulty prescriptions to find out that such avoidable consequences are kept at their possible minimal rates. This paper explored the occurrence of prescription errors as a result of order entries at Walgreens. The principleconcerns that were dealt with in this study includeWhat are the common causes of drug inconsistencies at the pharmaceutics?What kind of information technology is used in the provision of proper prescription?Are there specific actions that are related to inconsistently provided information in the same prescript ion order entry?What dispensing errors are most likely to occur in an online drug store? methodology The study was prospective as it was comprised of 20 pharmacists from medical centers and Walgreens chemist, which is an online store based in Wasilla in Alaska. For rough 2 months, they issued a report about the inconsistent order entry of prescriptions. It was principally based on communication. As such, both primary and secondary data collection methodswere employed. Therefore, it included the use of surveys for the collection of first-hand information. In this sense questionnaires and interviews from the participantswereused to gather information for the data. For accuracy and proper validation, these were combined with secondarysources such as the national health statistics (Wu, Pronovost, Morlock 88). It involved the selection of 30 electronically retrieved prescriptions from the free text field for any comments on prescription errors with regard to Walgreens pharmacy. Thus, the study entailed the overall evaluation of 60 prescription records.Data collection The data was used to capture the medication, focus dispensing errors and the types of inconsistencies in error. Among the elements to considered included dosage, incorrect drug, wrong quantity, inappropriate, pitiable and incorrect labelling. The other elements that caused inconsistencies were inadequate directions for use, inappropriate packaging, preparation and storage of medication in the lead dispensing. It was necessary to use predictive values to lay out when the prescriptive errors are likely to be higher.Data analysis The data was entered in a Microsoft database. 30 records were selected randomly to validate the data. From research, 99.7% of these are expected to be correct. Descriptive statistics characterized inconsistency. Some of the determinants of error such as inpatients and outpatients, analgesics and antibiotics, those that are less frequently prescribed and those on high al ert wereanalyzed. They will be provided for harm categories where t tests and 2 tests will be used. Categorical variables made use of the Fisher test for flat variables of 2 levels and the 2 for those with more than 2. Statistical significance or =.05 were applied to test predators with the Wald 2 test. In this study, the regression model of multivariantlogistics method of data analysis will be used. The method will primarily identify different factors in communication prescriptive errors in relation to their severity. It will make use of a generalized approach with estimated equations.Results The results were filled in the table below Similar names and packages medical specialtys non commonly used or prescribed Commonly used medication where patients are allergic Medication that need proper testing for proper therapeutic administration Entry and confirmation of prescription Zeros and abbreviations organised workforce and reduction of distraction and stress Patient counselli ng Storage Dispensing incorrect drug 40% 20% 2% 2% 10% 5% 10% 11% Dose 20% 30% 10% 5% 20% 10% 5% 5% Dosage form 8% 2% 1% 5% 50% 10% 20% 4% Quantity 1% 20% 1% 3% 10% 30% 20% 15% Administration time 1% 5% 3% 2% 10% 30% 40% 9% Wrong labeling 30% 30% 5% 2% 10% 5% 10% 8% Inadequate directions 5% 20% 10% 10% 5% 2% 10% 38% Inappropriate preparation, packaging and storage 20% 40% 5% 1% 1% 5% 29% 1% Graphical Representation of the resultsFindings It was discovered that at a pharmacy such as Walgreens where about 250 prescriptions entries are made in a day, about 4 errors occur. Reports relate these to a higher rate of inconsistent communication. The principle cause was drug dosage. There were also some drugs that were associated with a higher rate of overdosing and incorrect prescriptions when compared to others. Thus, in relation to this study, it was evident that medical centers that have a higher flow of patients and the chances of admission have higher rates of errors when compared t o other private clinics and chemists.Conclusion It is big that the laid down professional ethics are adhered to in different fields. This is especially within the medical field where a slight mistake can lead to devastating consequences. Therefore, healthcare providers are ever so obligated to use the knowledge that they acquired in their studies as well as new knowledge and practices appropriately. They should ensure that drugs are prescribed in the most appropriate ways to avoid errors. In particular, computerized drug entries should be counterchecked to eliminate disparities. However, owing to the continuous change in the nature of disease processes and hence the production of advanced(a) drug formulas, there is need to conduct more research. These will provide more guidance to ascertain safe drug prescription by providers of healthcare services using new technological methods.Recommendations The employees at Walgreens need to reduce the rates of prescription errors to he lp retain customers and avoid unnecessary lawsuits. Some of the stairs they can take are to ensure the correct entry of prescriptions. These should be confirmed. They should be careful with drugs that give ear alike and sound alike as well as take care with zeros and abbreviations. They should make the piece of work organized and reduce distractions, stress and heavy workloads as much as possible. They should also ensure that drugs are stored properly and check all prescriptions. The most important thing is to ensure that patients are cancelled before taking the drugs.ReferencesBenjamin, D. M. Reducing medication errors and increasing patient safety case studies inclinical pharmacology. Journal of Clinical Pharmacology.20034376883.Carroll, P. Medication issues the bigger picture.RN. 200366(1)528.Wu, A. W., Pronovost, P., and Morlock, L. ICU incident reporting systems.Journal of CriticalCare. 200617(2)8694Source enter

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Project Management Processes for a Project Essay Example for Free

Project Management Processes for a Project EssayIn the pursuit to deliver exceptional product software for internal users of the company, the selection of an appropriate process methodology is imperative. One of the departments noticed that the input information in the companys internal systems did not bound the actual data in other department systems. A intention aggroup was developed to take a leak a new pushd system that will sustain data from both departments successfully and accurately. The working class domain of the project was to focus on the characteristics of each department particulars and merge into a workable system. The project make up certain obstacles that made the decision to which methodology processes to implement an important one. Some of these obstacles were one of the departments entrance data that did not take the same route compared to other departments to enter the main database. This make up a problem to making sure that the updated software was able to obtain and sustain the data correctly. In addition, the findings had concluded that this particular issue was one of the main reasons for the discrepancies in the old system.The actual discrepancies of data incoming into the old system automatically would cause misrepresentation across all departments that ended up make quite of confusion. Therefore, the need to use the appropriate process is critical to ensure that the nearly difficult obstacles unknowns to most would need to be addressed effectively. The process chosen was from the Project Management Institute that uses the concept of Initiate- be after Execute Control Close to complete the project. The PMI process demonstrated all the areas of focus to better identify, work out and complete the needed tasks successfully.The usage of the processes created an opportunity to interact with the team members more directly on circumstantial areas that are yet defined. Due to the complex implementation of technology s oftware that needed to communicate data from two different vantage points, the PMI processes methodology allowed for means to dissect certain components effectively. The first stage of the PMI processes to bulge out is actually a way to develop a research agenda, in order, to detect any unexpected issues or concerns.The research is an area that allows all team members to address certain concerns of the project. The IT department played a pivotal role in providing their vantage point of the technology side for a measure to pull together in the final analysis. The research initiative provided an opportunity to see thru the different points of view from a technical foul aspect that could be misinterpreted thru a different means of project processes. The research format provides the initiation to discourage any misconception previously connected to the IT department or other departments that could create road-blocks.The PMI process to beginning with the initiating of the project all ows for the identification of all criterias leading up to subsequent microscope stages. Therefore, the activity definition went hand in hand with the research portion of the project because it honors the identification of the desired deliverables to stakeholders. Thereafter the focus on mean allows for the findings from the research to be a smooth transition to designate on whom, what, and when to go further. The actual cookery stage assists in being able to separate the tasks from the dependent tasks to ensure completion of the deliverables.The planning stages reinforce the documented data thru the initiation for any pitfalls in successfully implementing a major system upgrade that will support over 5,000 employees. The planning phase guarantees that the next phase of execution by the team members will be conducted in an orderly process due to the initiation on researching the project. Furthermore, the control phase will secure a means to not go over budget on a major and compl ex project due to initiation previously set in place. The close of the project will assist in the control phases due to the ability to pull all resources together in a timely matter and on target.

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Frito Lay Essay Example for Free

Frito recline EssayFor m both years data processor scientists give birth developed governances which have complete wisdom. However, not wholly of these programs are actually intelligent although virtually all of them have inputs which correspond to senses, choices of movements according to reaction rules, as well as the cap baron of playacting either as graphics or as text outputs. Majority of the simulated intelligent placements have the capability of memorizing experiences as well as the ability to learn. This paper t here(predicate)fore examines decision comport clays and the coloured bind systems in the federal agency they were made accustom of in Frito Lay. The paper compares and contrasts the various types of decision second systems and artificial intelligence systems in relation to the ones which were implemented by Frito Lay. Tale of Contents Introduction 4 finish Support Systems (DSS) 4 Types of Decision Support Systems 6 Artificial discussion Syste ms 8 Types of Artificial Intelligence 9 Conclusion 10 Reference 11 Introduction M both plaques such as Frito Lay would want to have unlimited nark to more info which would help them in determining the behavior they operate and gentlemanage their organizations.They would alike access to real time and updated teaching which they erect determination to dissolve their organizations more effectively. This information helps them compare organizational inputs, processes as well as outcomes during a particular plosive of time. Still, organizations like Frito Lay ask longitudinal information which permits them to anticipate their future organizational needs. The implication here is that organizations need to undertake info-driven decision making a feat which can be achieved by the use of decision assert systems ( field assembly on study Statistics, 2006, p. 9). Decision Support Systems (DSS)Organizations have realized that the solo guaranteed way to get the right entropy wi thin the reach of those charged with decision making is to redact in a decision support system as a solution to their needs pertaining to information worry. To venture into decision support systems is likely to be more beneficial compared to the cost of such an investiture (National Forum on Education Statistics, 2006, p. 9). The implication here is that purchasing a decision support system would imply heavy financial and operational commitments since it would involve hardware and software costs (Gregor Benbasat, 1999, pp.497-530). Decision support systems are very complicated with regards to the way they manage info as well as their engineering science architecture. This complexity is sometimes aggravated by conflicting information from the field of engineering. Still some equivocalness may result from description as well as the inability to clearly differentiate conceptions which are related in a particular way like entropy mart and selective information storage warehouse s. At times, this confusion could arise from the vendors who may not be willing to differentiate the products they are dealing in with other prevailing systems in the market.This implies that possibly there are various types of decision support systems (National Forum on Education Statistics, 2006, p. 9). One of the systems which were embraced by Michael Jordan, the new CEO who took over Frito-Lay on the brink of decompose was the state whereby control of decision making on issues like promotions and product mix were concentrated at the headquarters. This implies that the systems Frito-Lay instituted were those of tightly controlling strategy execution. The system included among others the position of accounts manager while the sales violence was segmented.Still the company had a system where handheld computers (HHC) were used as an information system musical instrument in supporting managerial decision making. In other words Frito Lay implemented a system of micromarketing (Harv ard Business School, 2001). The other system which was implemented by Frito Lay involved the subdivision of domestic operations into several geographic areas known as the Frito-Lay Market Areas (FLMAs). In this system, the company developed utility and loss accounts which provided approximated costs, revenues and contri hardlyion margins before taxes for all the areas (Harvard Business School, 2001).In this regard and in the selective information generated by these analyses, the company embarked on a process of organization wide quality improvement in which end emphasis was laid on identifying the 10 non-performing FMLAs to be improved. The final system embraced by Frito Lay was the system building information infrastructure. In this case, the company implemented a chain of IT projects under the name job Project in support of operation process redesign within across the functional building blocks.In line with this system, the company equally implemented a system aimed at redesi gning managerial processes the structures and decisions which directed the way the company operated (Harvard Business School, 2001). A decision support system is not merely a system capable of manipulating entropy and supporting decision making. For instance, an enhanced user interface which allows querying and outline of a unit database cannot be considered a decision support system (Gregor Benbasat, 1999, pp. 497-530). Still, a spreadsheet application having advanced if/then characteristics does overly not qualify to be called a decision support system.At the same time, a database centering system (DBMS) which allows a user to select and analyze information within one database for the purposes of reporting and analysis equally does not qualify to be called a decision support system for the simple reason that it does not integrate many databases (National Forum on Education Statistics, 2006, p. 9). Types of Decision Support Systems Data warehouse and data mart are the two ter ms which have always been confused with decision support systems. However, these terms are different although they could be homogeneous in terms of terminology and concept.A data warehouse is a central repository where all information or a proportion of the information collected by an enterprise is collected (National Forum on Education Statistics, 2006, p. 12). What is emphasized by data warehousing is the storage of data from various sources though it does not in general concern itself with the mean user the way a decision support would. This implies that data warehousing plays the role of querying and reporting braggy combinations of data as contend to querying and analyzing data.(Gregor Benbasat, 1999, pp. 497-530). In addition, the core purpose of data warehouse is to permit access to historical or transactional data in their fundamental format such as tables as opposed to distilling data into some format which allows for in-depth analysis. A data mart is more or less simi lar to a data warehouse in the sense that it acts as a repository for data, although such data could be limited in scope depending on the subject, function or even user assort (National Forum on Education Statistics, 2006, p. 12).One component of a decision support system is data quality. In fact data can is said to be the foundation of any decision support system meaning that high quality data is useful for decision-making as seen in the case of Frito Lay. at any rate the data should be valid reliable and apropos (Gregor Benbasat, 1999, pp. 497-530). It is important to note that as is applicable to any data-based system, the quality of information generated by the decision support system is influenced by the quality of data which originally went into the system.Thus, probably the single to the highest degree important way of ensuring that high quality managerial data is collected and maintained is to consistently apply standard terms and business guidelines all over the organi zation (National Forum on Education Statistics, 2006, p. 16). The other type pf decision support system is the hardware, software and the data management procedures. As seen in Frito Lay, a decision support system is not a unitary piece of technology like a database or even a network (National Forum on Education Statistics, 2006, p. 17).Instead, it is a system that incorporates and integrates disparate data sources with the intention of permitting decision-makers to have access to and store data in a way useful to them. Therefore, the technology associated with a DSS would be influenced by the preexisting technology and data architecture of the organization. Artificial Intelligence Systems As earlier stated, artificial intelligence systems in most cases have the capacity of storing experiences along with the ability of learning. Occasionally, the brain fails to do the action instantly though it makes use of the imagination it has.The brain identifies a response touchstone and esta blishes what situation arises from the action (Gregor Benbasat, 1999, pp. 497-530). It then identifies again an action pertaining to this new situation and established the most likely outcome (Robot, 2007). Therefore it can choose not only a response criterion but also a complete plan of action. This calls for the software engineer to design various functions of the intelligent system as program functions which are also known as sub programs. A golem as an example of an intelligent system operates in an interesting way.The robot senses transmit information to the brain where the brain verifies if it has concept for the information it has received (Gregor Benbasat, 1999, pp. 497-530). Otherwise, it creates a composite concept having the different sense information as partitions. What follows is the brain building up the prevailing situation from these concepts. A different domain of the brain checks in the memory to find out any response criterion for this condition before selecti ng the appropriate response rule and sending the action to the limbs for action (Robot, 2007).During the beginning of the life-time of the robot, its memory is void of concepts and responses. However, each time the robot experiences something it stores a new response criterion having the take situation (Gregor Benbasat, 1999, pp. 497-530). This implies that when the brain is not active, that is when it is asleep it evaluates those response criteria while making generalizations implying that it is now equipped with response criteria which can be applied to a variety of situations.Questions have been asked pertaining to the possibility of using artificial uneasy nets to achieve the functioning of the brain (Robot, 2007). However, for a computer, concepts and response criterion achieves more efficiency than neural nets. only when writing a computer program which is an intelligent system and running within a computer with an output on a screen is not sufficient. It is important to build complete systems capable of acting in the natural environment of the human being. Apparently, to be of use such a program would need to have an intelligence similar in a way to that of man.This would signify the need for limbs and senses in golf-club to enable it have same experiences and develop concepts for action similar in a way to that of man (Robot, 2007). Types of Artificial Intelligence Artificial or machine intelligence is the kind of knowledge exhibited by any gadget manufactured by man. In most cases, it is hypothetically used to imply computers meant for general purposes though it could equally refer to scientific investigation. It could also refer to the intelligence of an artificial device (Gregor Benbasat, 1999, pp.497-530). What need to be noted however are the various types of artificial intelligence that are available. Strong artificial intelligence is concerned with creating some kind of intelligence capable of reasoning. Reasoning in this case being the a bility to evaluate and derive a conclusion a certain premise (EconomicExpert, 2009). The other is the weak artificial intelligence which is concerned with creating computer based intelligence capable of reasoning and solving problems on a limited basis.Such a device would at times operate as if it was intelligence but it wouldnt have true intelligence (EconomicExpert, 2009). Testing such a device would require a turing test an idea of testing the capability of a machine to undertake a conversation like man. Artificial intelligence has several fields one of which is natural languages. Natural languages are used to conduct a distinction between the languages spoken by man and the languages used in computer computer programming (Gregor Benbasat, 1999, pp. 497-530). ConclusionFrom this analysis it is evident that decision support systems are increasingly becoming important in modern day organizations such as Frito Lay. Depending on the configurations they have, decision support syste ms are powerful tools which organizations can embrace to address variety of questions about organizational performance, management, operations and policy-making (National Forum on Education Statistics, 2006, p. 14). For instance Frito Lay should embrace an appropriate IT infrastructure changes as a shift from the traditional management reporting procedures the company has long been undertaking.This implies that the company implemented an IT strategy aimed at delivering more focused and timely information which was informed by an improved understanding of the business processes. Reference EconomicExpert. (2009). Artificial Intelligence Retrieved January 13 2009 from http//www. economicexpert. com/a/Artificialintelligence. htm Gregor, S. , and Benbasat, I. (1999). Explanations from intelligent systems Theoretical foundations and implications for practice, Mis Quarterly 23 (4) pp. 497-530. Harvard Business School. (2001).Frito-Lay, Inc. a Strategic Transition, 1987-1992 (Abridged). Th e McGraw-Hill Companies National Forum on Education Statistics. (2006). Forum Guide to Decision. Support Systems A Resource for Educators. U. S. Department of Education, chapiter DC National Center for Education Statistics, pp. 1-34. Retrieved January 13, 2009 from http//nces. ed. gov/pubs2006/2006807. pdf. Robot, A. H. (2007). Artificial Intelligence Systems. New Horizons Press. Retrieved January 13, 2009 from http//www. intelligent-systems. com. ar/intsyst/artis. htm

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Akhenaten Family Background Essay Example for Free

Akhenaten Family Background EssayDescribe the family and family background of Akhenaten. In your answer identify to the 18th dynasty pharaohs, his mother, his brother, Akhenatens wives, particularly Nefertiti (her extraction and roles) and his children. Assess their importance to the pharaoh. In your answer refer to at least four witnessers, ancient and modern. You can also show diagrams if you wish. (500-550 words) Akhenaten was the tenth pharaoh of the 18th dynasty he reigned everyplace new Kingdom Egypt for approximately 17 course of instructions. Akhenaten was the son of Amenhotep cardinal and his chief wife, tycoon Tiy. Scholars agree that Amenhotep III and Queen Tiy had four knget daughters and two sons, Thutmoses and Akhenaten, who was originally named Amenhotep IV. Akhenaten was a sheltered child and appe atomic number 18d to be jilted by his suffer as he was rarely included in portraits of the family and was never taken to each public events unlike his brother, Thutmoses, as he was not imitation to take the throne. Akhenaten became pharaoh after the death of his father Amenhotep III in 1352BC, as Thutmoses had died prematurely.It is believed that Akhenaten was already married to Nefernefruaten- Nefertiti when he came to the throne. Nefertitis origin or parents are unknown, there are two main theories of her origin, and the most trustworthy is that Nefertiti is the daughter of Ay, vizier to various pharaohs of the 18th dynasty and the assumed brother of Queen Tiy. This is believed as Nefertitis nurse was the wife of Ay, as well as references that Nefertitis sister, Mutnojme, is prominently featured in the reliefs of Ays tomb.Another theory is that Nefertiti was the Mitannian princess sent to Egypt for a diplomatic marriage, referred to as Tadhukhipa, this is supported as Nefertiti means the beautiful woman has come. Nefertiti was Akhenatens chief wife and it is clean that Akhenaten valued his beloved wife, in his tomb he referred to he r as the mistress of his happiness, and according to C. Alfred on one of the boundary stelae at Amarna he describes her as Fair of Face, Joyous with the Double Plume, Mistress of Happiness, endue with Favour, at hearing whose voice one rejoices, Lady of Grace, Great of Love, whose disposition cheers the Lord of Two Lands.In Akhenatens tomb and in tombs of the nobles, Nefertiti is depicted as equal to the pharaoh, in Akhenaten and the Amarna Bradley states shes is treated as the kings partner not only in their family life but in spectral and political life as well, unlike other pharaohs there are also many another(prenominal) family reliefs depicting Akhenaten, Nefertiti and their six daughters making offerings to the Aten no son was ever depicted in reliefs. Akhenaten and Nefertiti are accepted to have had six daughters together. They were Meritaten, Meketaten, Ankhensenpaaten, Nefernefruten-tasherit, Nefernefure and Setepenre.Meritaten beloved of Aten, married Akhenatens success or, Smekhkare. Around year 15 of Akhenatens reign, Meritaten was effrontery the rank of Mistress of the rest home and ducky of the King, at this time she was depicted performing certain religious rituals in the synagogue of the Aten. Meketaten protected of Aten possibly died at childbirth (Alfred) or at the age of 11 (Redford), mourning scenes of Akhenaten and Nefertiti are depicted in the kings tomb. Ankhensenpaaten her life is in the Aten, married Tutankhamun and became Ankhensenamun.Nefernefruaten-tasherit Nefernefruaten immature after Nefertiti, Nefernefrure beautiful as the beauty of Re, and Setepenre chosen of Re. What happened to the youngest three daughters is unknown. In admission to Nefertiti, Akhenaten had many other minor wives that he inherited from Amenhotep IIIs harem as well as those he would have selected himself. Of particular importance is Kiya, one of Akhenatens minor wives. Her full origin is unknown, but she seems to have come from an official family wit h links to the royal household.In Akhenatens inscriptions Kiya was described as the greatly beloved wife of the king, this was purely an acknowledgement of her position as sulfurary wife and in particular as the mother of royal children. She is believed to be the mother of Tutankhaten (later Tutankhamen) and possibly Smenkhkare, who succeeded Akhenatens reign. It appears Kiya was a favourite of Akhenatens for a reasonably long time. Describe the edifice drifts of Akhenaten in East Karnak, near the tralatitious capital Thebes, and Akhetaten (his new cult centre).Describe the features of the buildings and account for the stylistic changes, especially to do with the revere of the Aten. In your answer include evidence from sources ancient and modern. You can use diagrams and maps if you wish. When Akhenaten came to power in 1353BC instead of retentivity the holistic New Kingdom Egypt builder-warrior pharaoh, Akhenaten focused on his building projects and the establishment of Aten worship in New Kingdom Egypt. In the first year of his reign Akhenaten ordered that his fathers manifestation project be completed, this was typical of New Kingdom pharaohs.This project was of two decorated pylon gateways at the temple of Amun-Re at Karnak. The relief scenes carved on the pylon at this time show Akhenaten in a traditional way, they also depict the Aten as a falcon-headed beau ideal. In the second year Akhenaten ordered the construction of four temples dedicated to the Aten to be built at East Karnak, outside the enclosure wall on the east of the Great Temple of Amun-Re. These temples were Gempaaten sun disk is found , the Mansion of the Ben-ben stone, Rud-menu Sturdy are the Monuments of the sun-disk Forever, and Teni-menu tall are the Monuments of the sun-disk Forever.The Gempaaten was an open rectangular court of justice approximately 300m by 200m enclosed with a mud-brick wall, meet this was a roofed colonnade. The temple itself was adorned with colossa l statues of Akhenaten. The decorative scenes shown in the temple showed a exultation of the Heb-sed festival in the second and third year of the kings reign. According to an unknown source in the depictions of the first year the ritual was enacted before officials from all the districts and the gods of Egypt, whose statues had been brought from near and far to be set(p) in shrines.Akhenaten offered to the gods individually and was accepted by each to continue ruling. However, in the Heb-sed festival of the third year all the shrines of the gods of Egypt are replaced by the Aten and Akhenaten in the reliefs. Typically when a pharaoh is being depicted with a god he is either drawn equal or depicted kneeling to the deity, but as the sun-disc is shown at the top of relief scenes Akhenatens single standing figure becomes more prominent. There is no strong evidence of the other three Aten temples purpose or location at Karnak, as they were destroyed and the building materials were reuse d in later pharaohs building projects.It is believed that the Mansion of the Ben-ben stone was built for Nefertiti, the Ben-ben stone is typically depicted as a pyramid shaped stone, but in this temple it was shown as an obelisk. In the relief scenes Nefertiti is visualized making offerings to the Aten as this role was generally undertaken by Akhenaten, these reliefs were the first to include Nefertiti in the triad of the Aten. A major change in the depiction of Akhenaten began to appear in these temples, he was no longer portrayed as the tradition pharaoh but instead his face become elongated, he showed very little amphetamine body tone and had a pot belly.However large and remarkable Akhenatens Aten temples were, they would never be able to overcome the dominance of Amun at Karnak. This issue led to Akhenatens desire to form a new capital city entirely devoted to the Aten sun-disc. In year six of his reign Akhenaten selected a site halfway between Memphis and Thebes, where the c liffs on the east bank form an amphitheatre opposite from the river Nile, this naturally occurring amphitheatre was 13km in diameter and 5km wide.Akhenaten set up boundary stelae to mark the limits of his new city in every directions, he affirmed that the ground did not belong to any deity and it was the Aten himself who had revealed the land to Akhenaten. On the boundary stelae the king states the city is to be called Akhetaten meaning the Horizon or seat of the Aten, the message on the stelae mentions the temples Akhenaten intends to construct in the city A House of the Aten, a Mansion of the Aten, a Sunshade of the Queen and a House of Rejoicing for the Aten in the Island.Evidence of most of these temples and buildings has not been found or confirmed. Akhetaten was change integrity into several main building regions these included the Main city with the royal palace and temples, the North Suburb, sec city, Maru-aten (Southern Palace), a workers village and rock cut tombs. Th e Great Temple of the Aten was built as the centre of worship in Akhetaten. The building was an 800m by 300m open roofed rectangular court, similar to the Gempaaten in layout but much(prenominal) larger.The temple was not open to the public and only the royal family or high priest could get in into the Great Temple of the Aten. R. J. Unstead states the temple was designed in a processional way entrance to the temple was from the west between two tall pylons, this entrance let into a small courtyard, ahead of this was the House of Rejoicing or Per-Hai. This was a hall filled with columns and adorned with reliefs of Akhenaten and Nefertiti. From Per-Hai you reach the next part of the temple Gem-Aten finding of the Aten, this courtyard contained rows of mud brick offering tables.Ahead of the Gem-Aten is the entrance to a long narrow court with a raised altar, beyond this alter is then entrance to another court, followed by a second and finally into three smaller sanctuary or garden c ourts. Each court of the temple, aside from the Gem-Aten had its own altar and colossal statues of Akhenaten as well as representations of the Aten on wall reliefs. There was no excrete at the other end of The Great Temple so the procession of Akhenaten, Nefertiti and the Aten priests had to turn around and qualifying through the west entrance.

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A Review of the Communication and Leadership in Jusco Essay Example for Free

A reexamination of the Communication and Leadership in Jusco EssayThe relationship is set up when the companionship unvarying operation. With the c in in aller-up growing, it will shed more and more employees. So talk and drawship is really important. The relationship is consonance so that the employees will more effective, conference is fully reflected whether good or bad of the relationship amongst employees and employers. Leadership has a large-scale role in here. We define attractorship as the ability to crook a group toward the achievement of a vision or set of goals. Organizations indispensability strong leading and strong management for optimal effectiveness.We rent leaders to sidereal day to challenge the status quo, create visions of the future, and animise organizational members to want to achieve the visions. (Stephen P. Robbins, 1998). Leadership is a management which manage staff to do the business, and bem part it clearly and more effective. 2 . 1 Background of Jusco With Diaoyu Dao shake up upt came bulge(p), the relationship between lacquer and china is manufacture worse and worse. China even occur boycott Japanese goods last year. Many of Chinese mess became mob to destroy Japanese enterprise. Most of patriotic personages were held the demonstration in unlike city in China.They boycotted Japanese goods so that all of Japanese companies were going fell in China. Jusco is Japanese federation Jusco is piteous for Japan United Stores Company. The various of Jusco companies argon subsidiaries of AEON CO. Ltd. thither was a JUSCO in Shanghai before, but it was dropped take finally beca example of poor management. In Guangdong, Guangdong JUSCO Co. , Ltd used the name JUSCO to operate the stolon JUSCO at 1996. Now, thither atomic number 18 13 shops in Guangdong. It took the lead in the introduction of foreign advanced GMS (department store the supermarket) data formatting mode, and in 2010 launched the SM (Food supermarket) formats.Guangdong JUSCO has a sound management system and in 2005 obtained the ISO9001 2000 quality management system affidavit national green market certification in 2007, was iodine of the first to obtain the certification of retail enterprises 2010, ISO14001 2004 environmental management system certification, the retail business is the first to pass the certification. Adhering to the e rattlingthing for customers business philosophy, Guangdong JUSCO has been persuasion to provide customers with security, peace of mind and trust of goods, services and a comfortable shopping environment for the mission, so that customers enjoy shopping.Guangdong JUSCO business goods include fashion c conducthing, household goods, sporting goods, home decorations, diet, Japanese cuisine, fast food and early(a) necessities. 2. 2 Research objectives 1. 2. 1 Definition of communion and leaders Communication is a slimy concept, and while we may casually use the word with some frequ ency, it is difficult to arrive at a precise definition that is agreeable to most of those who consider themselves confabulation scholars. Communication is so deeply root in human appearances and the structures of society that it is difficult to calculate of social or behavioral takes that are remove talk. Halavais, 2006). More and more countries open up their market in this new-fangled world. Communication become very important to Jusco, due to relationship between Japan and China is devilting worse. Leadership has been described as a process of social work on in which unitary person no.ky enlist the assist and support of others in the accomplishment of a common task. (Chemers M. 1997). Leadership is easy to understand that organize a group of passel to achieve a common goal. Under this global world, every organization is need cross-culture leadership.Cross-cultural psychology attempts to understand how individuals of different cultures interact with each other (Abb e, Gulick, amp Herman, 2007). 1. 2. 2 To stinkpotvas the comp whiznt for communications and leadership. Communications is a big problem in Jusco. This is common problem in China. AEON has been set up 18 Jusco in Guangdong, naturally, passenger vehicles, leaders and employees all are Chinese. Otherwise, they must do the job under the works mode of AEON management. So communication sometimes is a big problem. Direction of communication is deciding how to communicate to each other.We further subdivide the vertical dimension into d deliver and upward directions. (R. L. Simpson, 1999) sometimes, most of sales do non will to talk to Juscos managers. And I turn in, Jusco managers as well as do non want to communicate to Japanese employers. It is even more badly when the DIAOYU DAO event happened. Japan and China are in stalemate. Leadership is primary(prenominal)ly cross-culture leadership. 1. 2. 3 Further problem To get out further look opportunities for current problem. With t he Japan and China become more and more hostility. We shoot to find out how does Japanese organization do in China.So we ordure research other Japanese company to stick some more opportunities to compare Jusco. 1. 3 Research rationale I deal this topic because I was worked in Jusco as a red vino salesman last year, and I know this is Cross Culture Company, and its communication and leadership must be changed after the relation between China and Japan get worse. So I decide to use my MO knowledge to how it will be changed. Or keep the old style to manage. 2. Literature weaken into 3. 3 Introduction Communication and leadership wipe out a big role in management forever. Communication is decided whether make the company stay in the harmony sensible horizon.This makes the organization more effective and standard. Verbal communication is important to Jusco, but non-verbal communication is also important to it. Jusco is cross-culture organization Chinese managers need to talk to Japanese major(postnominal) management. afterward DIAOYU DAO event, the relation between Japan and China is getting worse, Japanese and Chinese cannot commence a strait-laced conversation. So I want to find out the difference of two stages. Leadership is an ability to influence a group toward the achievement of a vision or set of goals. However, not all the leaders are managers.Organizations need strong leadership and strong management for optimal effectiveness. So Jusco is the selfsame(prenominal). Jusco is customer-focused service operation. They rush a carry on of leaders in Jusco. distinguishable apartment has different leader. However, a good leader can make it more effective. It also make customer more comfortable when customers shopping in Jusco. 3. 4 Main issuecommunications Communication represents one of the most important tools that the leaders have at their disposal to perform their influencing of tasks. Its significance is such that some authors consider it as the blood that brings lifetime to the organization. Paulo Nunes, 2011) In Jusco, communication is important thing, no case employers or employees, they need to communicate to each other. ascribable to power distance is stay in the high level. Power distance is the extent to which the less mesomorphic members of organizations and institutions (like the family) accept and expect that power is distributed unequally. (Gert Jan Hofstede, 1965) Japan is in the high level of Power distance index. So do Jusco, senior managers have some power to manage and ask employees to do the job. However, Jusco is customer-focused service operation.Sometimes, senior managers will ask others to hang customers not himself. They have their own duties. But they need to put customers at the first position. So this is the main problem in Jusco. And the communication is has the big usage for employers to avoid this lieu happening. Communication has the planetary process. The key parts of this model are the sender, encoding, the message, the channel, decoding, the receiver, noise, and feedback. The sender starts a message by encoding a thought. The message is the real thing of the senders encoding. When we speak, the speech is message.Our writing is the message. The movements of our acting and the expressions on our face are the message when we gesture. One of the suitablekinds of communications is organizational communication. In organizational communication, at that place is one kind of mode for Jusco Formal small-group networks. Formal organizational networks can be very complicated. There are three kinds in this mode, chain, wheel and all channel. The more effective criteria are the networks wheel and all channel. Jusco is wheel mode. For example, one manager is managing drink, wine and so on. 3. Main issueLeadership Leadership has main two kinds of theories. One is trait theories of leadership, and it is focus on personal qualities and characteristics. By 1990s, after resear ch, studies and analyses, the best leader is unlike the normal people. They are special. But the particular traits that characterized them varied a great deal from review to review. (S. A. Kirkpatrick, 1991) Significant relationships exist between leadership and such individual traits as intelligence, adjustment, extraversion, conscientiousness, openness to experience and general self-efficacy.While the trait possible action of leadership has arisen again, its reemergence has not been accompanied by a corresponding add-on in sophisticated conceptual frameworks. (Zaccaro, S. J. 2007). The other is behavioral theories. In response to the early criticisms of the trait approach, theorists began to research leadership as a set of behaviors, evaluating the behavior of successful leaders, determining behavior taxonomy, and siteing broad leadership styles. (Spillane, James P, 2004) The managerial grid model is also based on a behavioral theory. accord to three styles authoritarian, democ ratic, and laissez-faire. Lewin, Kurt, 1939). Normally, some leaders may compare traits and behaviors to manage however, they are lifelessness failing to manage. As important as traits and behaviors are in identifying effective or ineffective leaders and they do not promises to success. 3. 6 Theories used in Jusco While the communication model used in Jusco, if managers can use this kind of skills, employees can be pleased to accept the order and finish the job in a short time. Formal small-group networks is the normal communications mode exist in Jusco. I ever was a wine sales in Jusco, my group all are sales of wine.The wheel relies on a central figure out to act as the conduct for the entire groups communication it simulates the communication network you would find on a team with a strong leader. 2. 5 death Above the literature review, we can understand the theories of communication and leadership. And figure out which kind of model can be used in Jusco. However, something I ca n know more in the Jusco senior management. So Ican not ensure the how the solve the problem just by this simplified concepts. 3. Research methodology. 4. 7 boilers suit research design Step 1 Select Jusco as the object of study. Step 2 office communication and leadership theories to clarify the usage of management system. Step 3 Find materials almost communication and leadership in Jusco. Step 4 Organize the materials found before. Step 5 Combine the viewpoints that have same directions. Step 6 Add personal views in research paper. Step 7 fix out the final research paper. At first, you have to set up your research title. In this modern world, people pay attention to personal bene marks from work, so how to make the communications effective and in a proper way can be a key element to achieve success for companies.And leadership is making the company keep the direction keep on the right way. And make the company get more effective and achieve the goals as fast as possible. This is why I choose communication and leadership in Jusco, especially in the specific stage, after the DIAOYU DAO event. After deciding what title is, I begin to search learning about communication and leadership which can support my research, and then determination opinions about the communication and leadership system in Jusco.With question of all the materials that I need in this paper, the step four is to organize them and find out what the authors opinions about communication and leadership in Jusco, even in Japanese organization. When clarifying the points from some experts. Communication has some usage for making the whole company staff harmony, and let the managersto know more about employees. Let the whole company become the one big thing, and stay in the high effective. At the end, you read all the references, and link the knowledge and make it to the net.Figuring out why the communication and leadership in Jusco is so important and which kinds of mode are fit for Jus co. 3. 2 Ways to conduct literature search Key words Source decision Cross-cultural competence in Army leaders From program library books Abbe, A. , Gulick, L. M. V. , amp Herman, J. L. An integrative theory of leadership. Lawrence Erlbaum Associates From library books Chemers M. (1997) The process of communication From library books D. K. Berlo, Army Research Institute for the Behavioral and Social Sciences. From library books trial-and-error foundation. (Study Report 2008-01). WIKIBOOKSCONTRIBUTORS. From library books Halavais, Joe Petrick, Ashley Anker(2006) Cultures and Organizations Software of the Mind From library books Hofstede, Geert, Gert Jan Hofstede and Michael Minkov. Great Motivation Secrets of Great Leaders. UCD library fast one Baldoni(2005) Journal of Social Psychology From library books 8. Lewin, Kurt Lippitt, Ronald White, Ralph (1939). Communications Google research Paulo Nunes, 2011 Vertical and flat Communication in Formal Organizations From librar y books R. L. Simpson, 1986 Employment Relations From library books Rose, 2001. Acadermy of Management Executive UCD library S. A. Kirkpatrick and E. A. Locke, Towards a theory of leadership practice From library books Spillane, James P. et al. , Richard Diamond, John (2004) Essentials of Organizational Behavior Text book Stephen P. Robbins and herds grass A. Judge(1998) Trait-based perspectives of leadership From library books Zaccaro, S. J. (2007). 3. 3 Research Approach Q1 Is it communication is important in Jusco between all the staff? A YES B NO Q2 In communication, which thing do you think is important? A trust B honest C honorQ3 Which thing will ingraintheresult of the communication? A skills of communication. B parties of communications. C place when having communication. Q4 Do Jusco do the research to know more about what the employees want? salvage down your opinion. Q5 Do all the staff will have courage to communicate to the managers? Write down your opinion. Q6 If some problem happens between two apartments, how do you communicate under this brain? Write down your opinion. Q7 How do you think the level of effective during working in the Jusco? A high. B normal. C low.Q8 How do you identify superlative/ drug-addicted relationship? A very clear, I will report to superior. B Superior sometimes will interpose my work. C Often several superiors give the order at the same time. D When I facing the problem, I do not know who I can ask. Q9 How do your manager to order your work? A manager will show me the detail. B manager will discuss with me when I am in trouble. C manager normally do not discuss with us. D I often confused when I get the order from my manager. E other______________ Q10Do you often find nobody will be responsible for the job, how do Jusco take censure?Write down your opinion. Question no. 1 to read/write head no. 3 are identify is communication important to the employers or sales in Jusco. I want to know is it some problem in c ommunication in Jusco staff. It helps to clear my thoughts that whether communication is barriers in Jusco between the employees. Due to superior/subordinate relationship is really complicated. At the same time, according to the communication process, I want to find out which process is something wrong. Like straits no. 1, it will give all the staff a shake. They by chance will suddenly realize we are lack of communication during the work.Question no. 2 is the same to question 1, just want to notice staff to think about the communication. The usage of question 3 is wanted to ask them whether communication will affect their work. What is the problem will come out if communication in a low level. Give something to them to think. And this serious of problems are more valuable after the DIAOYU DAO event come out. Due to Jusco is in embarrassing situation in China. Question no. 3 and question no. 4 are the same direction. After give 3 questions to wake you up and think about the commun ication in Jusco.Comparing their real situation in Jusco, and research the information about the communication is it works out. And does it effective or not. These two questions both need to write down your own opinion, your own thoughts. These are staff real thoughts. According to it, maybe the management in human behavior of Jusco can change the structure to make the whole Jusco has more effective. Question no. 5 and question no. 6 are transition question it is from communication questions to leadership questions. Questions no. 5 and question no. 6 are concern about communication and leadership.It is not only asking staff the situation of communication, but also checks the leadership in Jusco. We can see the superficial current situation of leadership in Jusco. After I get the superficial information about the leadership, we will collect the information about evaluation of the effective. With the question no. 7, we check the standard of their effective. By this appeal, we get thi s information and find out whether leadership in Jusco is good to use. Question no. 8 is mainly to check the sales and employees how to treat with their superior. Hence, it also evaluates harmony of communication between superior and subordinate.If the relation is harmony, it has a lot of effect to affect the leadership exercise power. Question no. 9 has connection with question no. 9 question no. 8 is mainly collecting the information from employers and sales in Jusco. We can see the truth about the real working situation by opinions of employees and sales. According to their view, we have to do some evaluations to check the leadershipeffective or not. Question no. 10 is helps Jusco to improve their situation. Jusco is customers first company, if this situation orgasm up, all of employers and managers have to serve customers first.This is vision of Jusco. If they all pass the job to others, no one serve customers. Customer will go away with his dissatisfaction and blame Jusco has the bad service. What the worse, he will complain or tell every friend he knows so that the bad image of Jusco has been set up. 3. 4 sampling For sampling, I need to contact with Jusco. Each observation measures one or more targets, sampling have too methods and everyone should to be used in the proper way. They all are unique. They are demanded to suitable different situation become the characteristics difference.Jusco as the biggest retail corporation in Asia, in Guangdong, it also the Top 3 of retail corporation. So Jusco is a big corporation, I think Simple random sampling is fit for Jusco. In general, I put one Jusco as the whole, Equal to the probability of each individual to be able to get through one by one extraction method to extract a sample of each extract this sampling method is simple random sampling. Why I choose simple random sampling? Due to Jusco have 26 stores in Guangdong province. Their cope is too big, so I have pretended their probability is equal. Hence, I c hoose the random one store has regular scale to do this research.Even though, each Jusco has different sales, employees and managers. The mode of management in Jusco do not change, each Jusco is the same administrative mode, Advanced GMS comprehensive department store supermarket retail business model. Normally, one GMS mode of Jusco has five hundred to one thousand staff. They divided into different departments. Each department I will find the 20 people to do this research. When they done their research, I gathering all the information, and happen to analysis. When I finished that, I will finish my goals and finish my all objective. 3. Data access and collection To do this research and make the sampling, I have to go to Jusco investigation in Guangdong province. However, you cannot go in the Jusco working area easily. It is lucky I was worked there before, I know the managers. With the top managers in supermarket agreement, I finally go into and do some survey. My main contact pe rson is my friend who sells the red wine inside it. Contact people Wang Hong 3. 6 Methods of data analysis After I finish my survey, I will use my organization behavior management and cross culture management to analysis Jusco.How to communication and leadership will happen in it. The further I will analysis is what will affect them after the DIAOYU DAO events. 3. 7 Research limitation As a full time student in Singapore, we have little time to do the research. Due to the time is too short, I do not have enough time to make the scope large, and make is simplified. At the same time, I still have another course my time will become shorter and shorter. Under this reason, maybe my point of view will short for one side. Maybe leadership will gather more information than communications.In China many things are cannot show in the newspaper so the information collection is a big problem, and Chinese people do not say anything so clearly, especially in the relationship, during the research. The superior/subordinate relationship cannot record faithfully. Maybe subordinates are too afraid to answer the truth. And even more, position is not my first English, many words we need to figure out how to express my view of points. 4. purpose 5. 8 summary This essay is mainly to show that how communication and leadershipwill affect the work in the organization.Different organization has their ownmanagement mode and their own culture. These are affecting the staff how to act in the company. According to the first part of communication, communication is basis skills in the human behavior. Communication process will show us the flow during two people communicates. Make the communication more effective is lead to the whole working flow more effective. However, there are some barriers to effective communication. Like filtering, selective perception. Emotions, information plume and so on. The next objective is leadership. Due to there is a big problem, about the relations.Due to in China, the employee will very afraid of the boss, so if the employers want to get the feedback is a very difficult thing. So the communication skill is necessary, but without the communication skill, what can the employer get the information from is also consider in this part. And whats effect will the relationship come up with. Managers must not be a leadership, everyone can do. However, Jusco in China, most of people are Chinese. Leadership means that you are my boss, you are my superior, I need to receive you order to do the job. So leadership in this, there is a lot of value to have this research.The last part is how communication and leadership actually do in Jusco. How managers are good usage of these theories to manage Jusco working. 4. 2 Implications With the company growth up, and more and more employee will conjoin with the company to help a company to give produce, and there will be one day the company become a global company then it will face the east and western diffe rent culture, and the relationship is not as simple as before, how can the employer deal with it. They need to use the tool of communication, and even developing their leadership to make he reach their personal goal.China is depending on relations, this is a marvel country. Communication is a good weapon to flight during in this society. Leadership is one person who cans good use at communications and he has the ability to gather some people to achieve the goals. This is difference to order people to do the job. 4. 3 Further research opportunities Actually in China, relation is important thing. This is not only communication nor does leadership make it success. Every foreign company, need to do some research about relations. If you control this, you can live really well in China. Reference 1. Abbe, A. , Gulick, L. M. V. amp Herman, J. L. (2007). Cross-cultural competence in Army leaders. 2. Chemers M. (1997) An integrative theory of leadership. Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, Publisher s 3. D. K. Berlo, The process of communication (NEW YORK Holt, Rinehart amp Winston, 1960), pp. 30-32. 4. Empirical foundation. (Study Report 2008-01). Arlington, VA U. S. Army Research Institute for the Behavioral and Social Sciences. 5. Halavais, Joe Petrick, Ashley Anker(2006) WIKIBOOKS CONTRIBUTORS. Free packet Foundation, Inc. 6. Hofstede, Geert, Gert Jan Hofstede and Michael Minkov. Cultures and Organizations Software of the Mind, 3rd ed.New York McGraw-Hill. 2010. 7. John Baldoni(2005) Great Motivation Secrets of Great Leaders. McGraw- Hill. P1-24 8. Lewin, Kurt Lippitt, Ronald White, Ralph (1939). Patterns of aggressive behavior in experimentally created social climates. Journal of Social Psychology 271301. 9. Paulo Nunes, Communications, 2011,rehttp//www. knoow. net/en/sceconent/management/communication. htmretrieved 2013-1-20. 10. R. L. Simpson, Vertical and Horizontal Communication in Formal Organizations, Administrative Science Quarterly, September 1989, pp. 188-196. 11 . Rose,2001. Employment Relations. UK Pearcon Edmcati Ltd. 2. S. A. Kirkpatrick and E. A. Locke, leadershipDo traits matter? Acadermy of Management Executive, May 1991, pp. 48-60 13. Spillane, James P. et al. , Richard Diamond, John (2004). Towards a theory of leadership practice. Journal of Curriculum Studies 36 (1) 334. 14. Stephen P. Robbins and Timothy A. Judge(1998) Essentials of Organizational Behavior. Eleventh edition. Pearson Educated Ltd. 15. Zaccaro, S. J. (2007). Trait-based perspectives of leadership. American Psychologist, 62, 6-16. Confirmation Certificate Congratulations You have successfully completed the Library Plagiarism Quiz.Student Name Chen Zhiying Student Number .. 11211905. learn . 2012-10-18.. THIS IS TO CERTIFY THAT (signature)chen zhiying.. HAS COMPLETED THE PLAGIARISM QUIZ Remember that the confirmation certificate is a recital by you that you understand plagiarization and know how to avoid it. If you think that you do not understand plagiarism and how to avoid it after working through this tutorial, you should confer with your module coordinator, no matter what score you have obtained on the test.