Monday, 29 April 2019

Light in the Cave Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 11

Light in the subvert - Essay ExampleThe view from halfway up the hill was spectacular. The impenetrable darkness of the counteract had vanished as it looked illuminated. I wondered why. I slurped down hot coffee from my flask. It was soothing and I felt at peace, except my friends appeared restless. Suddenly I could see the green all around me and the glimmering hollows in trees. Suns rays were filtering through the trees that towered high. The view of the river flowing down the gorge on a clear day was terrific. The wet glistened in the sun. I had been oblivious to the natural world around me. Cold breeze from the riverside was comforting. The level-headed of soft rustling of the leaves and birds singing from a distance made the day more pleasant. My friends became animated instantly when I became ready to continue the climb. The climb was difficult but thrilling. I hopped over logs and readily crawled beneath bushes but never did I feel sick or tired. But my friends wanted to keep me stub them. We soon spotted the path that wound up in the cave. The opening was too narrow to allow any light in. I was curious to explore but my friends took me aside for a picture of a cliff nearby. It was still midday but cold near the limestone cave. The outer walls of the cave were smooth in some places but rough in other places. As I was standing with my back to the cave looking down the ravine, I felt a touch on my back. What a surprise it was They were my 2 other friends. They had lit up the cave with firewood and candles. They gave me the best surprise on my birthday.

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