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Citation Paper - Annotated Bibliography ExampleAuthor Amy Deans journal article Occupy Wall Street A Protest against a Broken Economic contract(first published in Harvard International Review, 2012) offers insight and rationale behind his great mass movement. The OWS, which started as an impeccant gathering in Zuccotti Park in New York City, rapidly caught the semipublic imagination, as it spread crosswise the country swiftly and effectively.Amy Deans article is a valuable source for the research essay, for it deals with the crux of the problem, namely that of the crushed economic compact. She notes how the Occupy movement is a protest against a broken economic compact that reaches into the very middle of America and that is resonating in other parts of the realness as well. (Dean 12) Rather than being an arm-chair investigation of the landmark event, the author gives first-hand accounts of the unfolding movement from its epi-centre in New York City. As she observes during the introduction to the article,During the early months when Occupy Wall Street maintained tent cities in lower Manhattan and other metropolitan areas around the country, the occupations attracted an array of young counter-culturalists and itinerant radicals. To many people visual perception the images of the encampments on the news, it looked like a motley assembly, not something out of the American mainstream. (Dean 12)As Amy Dean suggests in the article, Occupy Wall Street is a crucial reality check for a nation that is on the brink of economic and social disintegration. The movement showed up a mirror to the nations leaders and reminded them of their misplaced priorities and unethical behavior. The OWS movement is the most recent in that noble tradition of civil noncompliance and collective public action that the country is so proud of. But Dean warns readers to not press carried away. How history will judge and rate the effectiveness of OWS will depend on how well public grievanc es are translated into

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