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Karl Marx's Theory Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Karl Marxs Theory - Essay ExampleIn this documental Spurlock exposes the ugly truths of one of Americas biggest solid food corporations and shows how it knowing endangers the lives of its customers in order to make a profit. Spurlock conducts an experiment, and plays the part, of what the corporation would pass to be its best customer. He allows the corporations advertising and portion suggestions to make his decisions for him, and in doing so eats the fast(a) food for every meal for thirty days. By the end of his experiment Spurlock finds that he has gained twenty vanadium pounds and doctors warn him that his wellness is in ruin.The fast food corporation used in the experiment didnt purposely try and kill Spurlock, nevertheless its advertising and unhealthy food was the direct cause in Spurlocks health deteriorating into a downward spiral. Marx saysThe development of Modern Industry, therefore, cuts from the under its feet the very foundation on which the bourgeoisie produces and appropriates products. What the bourgeoisie, therefore, produces, to a higher place all, are its own grave diggers. Its fall and the victory of the proletariat are equally inevitable.The grave diggers Marx refers to in terms of Spurlocks experiment would be the exact same things that made the fast food corporation such(prenominal) a success in the fir... Therefore the corporation is responsible for its own demise.The grounding force poop the corporations success is capital. Marxs General Formula for Capital exposes how greed and a demand for profit can in the end drive a corporation into the ground. Marx argues when a corporation becomes so successful that it begins to diversify money for money instead of money for commodities that it destroys itself. When a corporation begins to buy in order to sell, it takes its first step towards demise. This exchange of money for money is never ending because according to Marx they have the same vocations, to approach, by quantitative increase, as near as possible to absolute in wealth. The end result is money which in turn is also the beginning. Marx believes that the possessor of this money becomes the capitalist. Since the fast food corporation in Supersize Me encourages poor comestible for a profit, it in turn makes an increasingly bigger profit for increasingly lesser valuable foods.The objective brought Marxist ideas into modern society by showing that contemporary capitalism is not simply that it gives consumers what they want, but that it makes them want what it has to give. By advertising and offering food at a cheap price the fast food corporation forced itself upon its customers, making them want their products. Spurlock sums up his thoughts saying, The bottom line, theyre a business, no depicted object what they say, healthy food is good for you, they make millions, and no company wants to stop doing that.At the end of the documentary Spurlock asks his audience a question Who do you want to see go first, you or them This question sums up Marxs thoughts on capitalism perfectly, showing that either way the

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