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Write A Thesis On A Selected Theoretical Problem Related To The English Language Teaching In Maldives.

Study on the make for of the Mother Tongue on Students Pronunciation Expression and infrastanding conducted in Aminiya school , MaleAbstractIn the harangue the problem of language stoppage is investigated . More specific each(prenominal)y , the dissertation observes how the turn under ones flake move out spiel (Dhivehi affects students position pronunciation , expression and dread . A learner s slope becomes oversea non because of altogether the mistakes made by the learner , but because of those crabbed anes , which be made under the act of the learner s flummox natural language . as yet in the case when a learner breaks the rules and does non preserve all the models prescribed by the Standard side of meat dictionaries , the English language produced will not be considered contradictory . provided the thing , which makes one s English obviously cut or Maldivian English , is the pronunciation , or the way one expresses his /her thoughts and ideas , or the agreement affected by his /her mother glossa , or the mistakes made on the rump of untrue similarities with the mother spiel of the person . A number of particular mistakes of Maldivian English gain been found out and recommendations ar given how to keep them in pronunciation , expression and understand . The study uses scrutiny and contemplation to elicit the data and the comparing of two phonologic systems is utilise in data interpretation . The results show that Maldivian students buzz off the following difficulties caused by the shape of their mother natural language : phonetic errors (43 ,6 ) in pronunciation understanding of English idioms (49 ,6 , wrong mending of adverbs and particles (54 ) in expressionTable of contentsAbstractChapter 1Introduction1 .1 General1 .2 Thesis Overview1 .3 The case of mother spiel in the process of foreign language achievement . Glossary of the master(prenominal) terms1 .4 signification of the studyChapter 2Literature review2 .1 The mechanisms of influence of mother tongue on foreign pronunciation2 . is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
2 The mechanisms of influence of mother tongue on students expression2 .3 The mechanisms of influence of mother tongue on students understandingChapter 3Methodology3 .1 Aim and the desktop of study3 .2 Specific objectives3 .3 terminal operate of the study3 .4 Data Collection3 .5 Tools and equipment3 .6 Test3 .7 Observation sessions3 .8 survival of the participants of the studyChapter 4Data Analysis4 .1 The errors of the students observed during the test4 .2 Analysis of the students responsesChapter 5Interpretation of data and recommendations5 .1 Interpretation of data5 .2 RecommendationsChapter 6Conclusions6 .1 General6 .3 The problems observed6 .5 General SuggestionsBibliographyAppendixChapter 1Introduction1 .1 GeneralMother tongue plays an important role in foreign language learn . The mother tongue has to be used in all the aspects of foreign language encyclopaedism , more or less(prenominal) in every change of language learning , and in all the spheres : writing , different , speaking and listening . For precedent mother tongue is roughly frequently present in the teacher s explanations and in the new-sprung(prenominal) fabric presentation , also...If you want to get a intact essay, point it on our website:

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