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Cheerleading-Personal Narrative - 1105 Words

I waited weary in anticipation of what name would break out of the happy-go-lucky collegiate cheerleader’s boisterous mouth as he was announcing the two lucky 2017 National Cheerleading Association All Americans out of all 4 Belton cheer squads. I replay this moment in my most vivid dreams, feeling the excitement of the halcyon moment grow greater and greater as the nerves and emotions grew stronger and stronger. A moment as imperative as this showed me in the most transparent way that hard, continuous work and growth pays off in many more ways than one. In that absolutely endearing, prideful moment, I took a chance to look back on my past years, devoted to such a tireless sport. I began the wide sport of cheerleading when I was a mere†¦show more content†¦A similar foreshadowing towards my future came when I became the only Belton High School cheerleader on the Junior Universal Cheer Association All American team. I was a frog who had transformed into a princess grow ing wiser and stronger. This not only affirmed my dedication and devotion towards this new realm of cheerleading, but it added a new feeling of humbleness which soon became an essential trait towards developing into the exceptional athlete I had only dreamt of. Again, tryouts came for the next greuling school year. The only difference from last year, I was prepared. I knew the cheers, I knew the feeling of standing in front of crowd so ecstatic from a winning game and I knew the feeling of a crowd sitting at a loss for words in the face of defeat. I knew my goal and I was absolutely determined to reach it. I could only be described as a lioness on the prowl and the Varsity squad was my prey. Just as anxious as the year before, though this time with a hint of confidence, I made my tryout a culmination of completely everything I had learned from my wildly experienced past. That night, I reached my ultimate goal and earned the prized name of Varsity cheerleader. The next day I practica lly walked around with an enormous V on my forehead, honored by the position. With all this positivity, I knew there was something to come. That same summer, I hadn’t received a lucky chance to become even a contender in theShow MoreRelatedPersonal Narrative : Cheerleading Scholarship1398 Words   |  6 PagesLeague Baseball; Tampa Bay Devil Rays is my favorite team. I am a happy person most of the time. Who’s dedicated to my cheerleading career; and I want to get a scholarship for Northwestern University. My life is all planned out, I know what I want and how to get there. I honestly think my boyfriend Tom was going to be my future husband. I believe I am going to get a cheerleading scholarship. It is a Friday night, and as the game finishes, with the score of twenty-seven to seven, which means I couldRead MoreEssay on Personal Narrative: Cheerleading Competition1164 Words   |  5 PagesCheerleading - It Was Our Year! Running the same routine over and over since August 14, 2004 and it is now October 6th. Bodies are aching, feet are sore and we all feel as though we have been beaten by a 200 pound boulder. Cheerleading is our passion and we love to do it, but by mid September we were all ready to quit. Practice Monday threw Friday from three o’clock to seven, and then eleven until two on Saturdays! As the Lord did, we got to rest on Sundays. It was rough, sometimesRead MoreCheerleading As A Legitimate Sport2318 Words   |  10 PagesCheerleading as a Legitimate Sport Cheerleading has expanded into a fantastic show of athletics but people today still don’t view it as a legitimate sport. â€Å"Todays young cheerleaders are an entirely different breed† (â€Å"Dazzle and Danger†). When cheerleading was first introduced over 100 years ago, it was a combination of simple cheers that were shouted out by yell captains from the sidelines during college football games (Valliant 8). Yell captains are the girls in charge of yelling out and startingRead MoreSport and Football Essay1468 Words   |  6 Pagesfootball to how she grew ecstatic about its very nature. Both women have admiration for their respective sports and want to encourage others to share their love of sports through their use of ethos and pathos, with pathos being more effective. Cheerleading is a physical activity that I think most are aware of. Some qualify it as a sport which should receive the same notoriety as an even more familiar game such as basketball. Jennie Yabroff belongs to that community. There are also those who dismissRead MoreStranger with a Camera and The House I Live In 1432 Words   |  6 Pagesbut forge a connection to the subject matter through means of a lens. Jarecki takes an in-depth look at the War on Drugs and its human rights implications in his documentary The House I live In. Jarecki weaves his personal story through the duration of the documentary. His personal account is through the lens of the family’s nanny, Jeter. As an otherwise outsider’s perspective, Jeter allowed Jarecki some insight into a world in which he is not a part of. Jarecki is a white Jewish male that grewRead MoreSarah Reynoldss Influence On Life1543 Words   |  7 Pagesparents had a role for each child. When Sarah was younger she was bullied in school and never felt pretty enough, but once she got to high school she began to feel more comfortable in her own skin. She made a lot more friends and even joined the cheerleading squad. Sarah expressed that her parents (particularly her father) saw this change in Sarah’s self-confidence and began calling her the â€Å"self-absorbed child†. Her parents and soon after, her siblings, would say that Sarah was too into herself,Read MoreGlee Essay9324 Words   |  38 Pagesdraws me into a deeply emotional engagement with the characters and a desire to see them triumph. As others on this blog have mentioned, the stunt shows, focusing around a musical theme or dance conceit, are fun but can bring the show away from its narrative engagement and this mix of sincerity and cynicism that musical numbers have often been harnessed in service of. â€Å"Dream On† brought back this dynamic and foregrounded it in contrast to some of the more music-themed recent episodes. Neil Patrick HarrisRead MoreAlex Ferguson’s Leadership Style Case Study3258 Words   |  14 Pagescharismatic personality treats. Charismatic leadership is defined as a â€Å"social influence process that involves the formulation and articulation of an evocative vision, provides inspiration to motivate collective action ...and displays unconventional and personal risk-taking behavior† (Sosik, Dinger, 2007). As far as the personality treats as concerned, charismatic leaders are most of the time â€Å"being dominant, having a strong desire to influence others, being self-confident, and having a strong sense of one’sRead MoreMy Sisters Keeper5805 Words   |  24 Pagesthan search for any real emotional truths or demand dynamic performances from its talented cast, the movie just hijacks your tear ducts from the word go. Odds are youll cry during this movie, but you might be too confused by the time-jumping narrative, too busy wondering how many pop song montages they can cram into the running time, and too ashamed of your giggles when the melancholy tips the scales toward schmaltz. Director Nick Cassavetes, who helped audiences guiltily swoon over TheRead MoreAn Evaluation of an on-Farm Food Safety Program for Ontario Greenhouse Vegetable Producers; a Global Blueprint for Fruit and Vegetable Producers51659 Words   |  207 Pagesjudgments, not just of the physical characteristics and consequences of an activity but also social factors such as credibility and trustworthiness of risk management and regulatory institutions, and this should be included in risk assessment decisions. Personal biases or value judgments are present even in risk assessments. Lathrop and Linnerooth (1982), describe a situation where three separate risk assessments produced using the same data differed widely in assumptions, presentation and implied conclusions

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