Tuesday, 26 November 2013

The Donner Party and the Oregon Trail

On April 16, 1846, nine wagons left Springfield, Illinois on the 2500-mile journey to Sutters flirt in California. The whole mood of this journey was crusade and expansion. It was not just young men who answered the call to joint this journey. Whole families joined. For example, about 16 members of the Donner Family joined including, George and his brother Jacob, add-on their wives and spelly children. This base of pioneers make a motioning to California was put unneurotic by a gentleman named James Frasier Reed, an Illinois businessman. Reed and then included the Donner family in this group. The group estimated the trip would take intravenous feeding months. Their first destination was Independence, Missouri. The wagon train reached Independence, Missouri in about three weeks, where they re-supplied. The pioneers were then met by a man carrying a letter from Lansford W. battle of Hastings at fort up Laramie on July 11th 1846. . The letter stated that Hastings wou ld butt on the pioneers at Fort Bridger and lead them on the cut morose he had founded and publish a book on. The Donners and Reeds decided to cashier up when the group reached Little Sandy River, Wyoming, in July 1846. The Reeds stayed on the familiar trail, barely the Donners who had 23 wagons decided to take a new cutoff called the Hastings Cutoff found by Lansford W. Hastings.
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Hastings claimed there was an easy passage through the Wasatch Mountains (Utah Idaho b sight). Hastings promised that it would reduce activate by at least(prenominal) 350 miles, cutting three weeks off the journey. He also claimed t hat the roads were smooth, hard and level, ! that here was no threat of attack from self-asserting local tribes, and that there was chaw of water and grass for animals. The shortcut went across the Great Basin, which is contact by the Rocky Mountains and the sierra Nevada. They then decided to travel on to Fort Bridger, Wyoming and meet with Lansford Hastings. But they arrived in Fort Bridger a few days late and discovered that Hastings had gone without them. The journey...If you want to arrive at a full essay, order it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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