Thursday, 23 January 2014

Negative Points Of Playing Video Game

Mey Phearoth E2.6 WS201 04/10/2011 The Negative Points of Playing Video Games for Children Most quite a little like play picture games, specially children. There be four main negative points of acting video recording games for children. First, it causes a great harm to their physical organism such as eyes, muscles and skeleton. When they are attached to video games, they conk almost of their propagation in front of the screen of boob tube or own(prenominal) computer. It can make their eyes constrain worst. Moreover, their muscles and skeletons would prepare most problems because of their positions. For example, they sit or lie in terms positions for a enormous time. Second, vie video games alike causes them to for fastening their habits or obligations. Children whitethorn not do their homework or fall over their lessons after they are addicted to those games. Furthermore, they may forget their meals and their quiescency times. For instance, addicted child ren may skip their eat or luncheon in order to play video games. Other children also stay up late playing video games. Third, it is near the communication. Spending much time playing video games makes children socially isolated. Addicted children do not necessity to attend some(prenominal) familys or schools activities. Thus, they ability be separated from people surrounding them such as their parents, siblings, friends or other relatives who used to be close to them. Finally, the most of the essence(predicate) point among these negative points is that children would experience violence. Most video games halt much violence. It can be an effect for them as a short marge effect or long observational condition effect. For short term effect, children may imitate the actions from those characters in the video games which they have been playing to their pets or other things immediately. For long term effect, perhaps ten-year later they will become the chromatic people. For ex ample, they would become robbers. It is depe! nd on how much they are addicted to those violent video games. In short, this is a very harmful...If you expect to get a full essay, order it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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