Saturday, 25 January 2014

The Old Indian Civilization

The Old Indian CivilizationPlan:1.The ?unknown land? of Asia ? India. 2.Early Indian Civilization. 3.Key Features of Indian Society. 4.Religion and the Indian way of life. 5.Lack of Political Unity. 6.India?s literature crack by Mahabharata and Ramayana. 7.Customs in India ? the practice of self-immolation by fire. 8.The role of muslims in India?s life. 9.Taj Mahal. 10. Art of India. The ?unknown lands? of Asia and Africa ease up hyp nonised Westerners for centuries. The Orient, with her silks and her ludicrous cultures, has attracted travelers since early days. Despite the contacts, between Asia and Africa remained virtually unmoved by Western influences until the twentieth century. India is a land of large diversity, in its topography (the physical features of a land), climate, and population, it is a study in contrasts. This triangular subcontinent extends from southern Asia into the Indian Ocean, forming a giant Pennsylvania. It?s terrain varies from subtropical rain for est to barren deserts, from low coastal plains to the highest quid range in the world, the Himalayas. Between the rugged piling regions in the north and the coastal plains and tropical plateaus of the south brood stiff valleys watered by two great river systems, the Indus and the Ganges. worry the Mesopotamian and Egyptian cultures, the earliest Indian civilization began along riverbanks. The starting line inhabitants of India settled in river valleys along the Indus and Ganges rivers. These people must have felt secure from invaders and foreign influences. They were protected by pompous mountain ranges in the north and by seas on the due east and west. But despite these natural barriers, India did not remain an dislocated land. Throughout her history, merchants, foreign invaders and Wandering tribes track the mountains along India?s northwestern border and settled in the fertile river valleys. As a result, India became a land of diverse... If you need to get a full essay, o! rder it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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