Friday, 8 November 2013

Hpi Consuela Del Oro

HPI Consuela Del Oro C.O. 43 y.o. female. C.C My acquit has been hurting off and on, for the last bear upon of months and Ive been burping a lot lately, too. Pain URQ. sometimes mild pang, other times more intense. cant concentrate Worst pain =7, mild pain 3-4, I never know when it will come. Becoming more arrest away usually after she eats. Began last Thanksgiving. Never had pain lack this before Pain in R shoulder. antacid for tenderheartedness burn, purple pad of paper you take everyday. laxative for constipation, no value in pain. Increase gas in stomach/belching. provender same as always. Balance diet. Tries to eat when can, inappropriate croak schedule. Cousin had stomach ulcer afraid I top executive have one too Medications- OCT(daily), calcium vitamin, antacid for heartburn, laxative for constipation, headache medication, OTC sleeping pill Allergies- NKA Breasts Denies each tenderness in chest. Denies each lumps/swelling. Denies discharge of mamilla. self-importance bosom exams once a month. No history of breast disease. No surgeries. No late(a) trauma to breast. Breast feed- 6mths 2006-2007. LR No dimpling. scour skin tone. stellate size, shape, movement(free-forward ). No signs of edema. No nodes felt in axillae/breast LR. ablaze(p)/red skin under L breast up into middle/sternal region, no soreness. Not on OCT. is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
Understands grandness of regular breast exams. Abdomen Denies any turn in appetite. angle gain (6mths) 35lbs. Denies dysphagia. Slightly lactose intolerant. NKFA. Denies any abdominal pain. Denies any vomiting/nausea. BM: once a day. No late(prenominal) abdominal disease history! . Skin tone eve/tan. Striae gravidarum LR sides, 2-3cm, sporadic. No signs of rash. Flat contour. Symmetrical/no citizenry, bulging. Midline umbilicus. BS normal. Seen aortic pulsations. No sound heard from arteires. Tympanic abdominal sounds. coloured 9cm. Splenic dull. Denies tenderness of costovertebral angle. No signs of pain/masses calorie-free/deep palpation. No signs of pain Murphys sign. Vital...If you neediness to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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