Wednesday, 31 July 2019

Baidu Strategy Essay

On March 9 2011, Baidu announced through Western China City Daily that it has initiated an internal testing of the Baidu browser and would officially launch the browser soon afterwards. Up until now, the strategy of Baidu client end products is becoming clearer and clearer. There is a clear tendency for baidu to become a rival to Tencent in the field of client end products. Baidu browser will be integrated with Baidu application platforms. According to Baidu, Baidu browser Beta 1.0 is the joint effort of Baidu browser department and Baidu search department, integrating Baidu search, Baidu application platforms based on Baidu frame computing strategy. 1. Feature: integrated with Baidu Applications Different from other browsers, Baidu browser Beta 1.0 is fully integrated with Baidu application platforms. Clicking the icons on the left corner of the Baidu browser, the page â€Å"My Baidu Applications† will be automatically applied, showing ordinary applications like music, video, books, game, novels, SNS, shopping, tools and etc. Baidu Browser spokesperson says that by improving its browser, Baidu wishes to accelerate the development of internet, attract more internet users, increase their online survey frequency and duration and eventually develop the search media. 2. Motivation: capture users at the internet portal. In the beginning of 2008, there had been rumors for Baidu to enter the browser market. In July 2010, Baidu officially announced its entering the marketing and planning to put in 5Billion RMB in the following three years. â€Å"Heart of Rock†, an online expert, told Western China City Daisy that the Baidu browser is to capture the online users at their portal to the internet world. Baidu is demonstrating its determination to compete with Tencent in the client-end products. Tianyu, one of the Iresearch analysts, comments that in the short term, it could be integrated with other Baidu applications and client end products to provide a holistic online survey portal to bring more traffic to Baidu search. †also in the long run, Baidu browser is a strategic move for the cloud computing in the future when all the operation systems will be installed in the browser which is the one and only portal for users online. Another thing worth our attention is that one day before the Baidu’s announcement on its browser, Baidu also exposed the Baidu mobile browser with the Chinese name: â€Å"Ã¥ ¤ ©Ã¤ ¹ ¦Ã¥  ·Ã¨ ½ ´Ã¢â‚¬  and a English name: FlyFlow. 3.Result: direct competition with Tencent Besides Baidu Browser Beta 1.0, Baidu also launched â€Å" Baidu Search Tools†, â€Å"Baidu Hi†, â€Å"Baidu Input Method† â€Å"Baidu Computer Organizer† â€Å" Baidu Browser Mate† and recently â€Å"Baidu Player†. All these piece together the Baidu client-end product strategy. Correspondently, along with QQ, Tencent has â€Å"QQ Browser† â€Å"QQ Computer Organizer† â€Å"QQ Input Method† â€Å"QQ Player†. The competition becomes obvious. Experts say there are three giants in Chinese internet world, Tencent, Baidu and Alipay. Alibaba. Baidu has been devoted to search, Tencent to the user end and Alibaba to the e-commerce. The new products are Baidu’s efforts to make up for its deficiency in user end products.

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