Tuesday, 23 July 2019

Staffing Organizations in a Coffee Business Term Paper

Staffing Organizations in a Coffee Business - Term Paper Example The association between the employer and employees will determine the relationship between the employees and a particular business entity. This coffee shop will be a sole proprietor’s business hence the owner is synonymous to the business. This means the relationship between the workers and the employer will signify that between the business and the employees. Conflicts between employees and employers are common occurrences, and there have been legal perspectives developed to address them. According to Salvacion (2008), the employees should sign contracts, and terms of service within the laws of the land, which clearly stipulate the duties, roles, obligations, and rights of both the employer and the employee. The relationship between the coffee shop and the employees will be devoid of discrimination, wrongful termination, poor working environment, and poor and unreliable payments. These are just but a few areas of legal concern, but the entire federal employment law shall be a pplicable in this mutually beneficial relationship. During the course of business operations in the coffee shop, issues of disparate treatment may arise. Disparate treatments involve favoritism or discrimination of employees at the workplace. Favoritism may take place due to religious, racial, sex, age and disability biases. According to Salvacion (2008), when such discriminations exist in business without correction overtime, then services of a lawyer should be sought to ensure that the problem is solved in due consideration of the law. Due to the fact that I desire the growth of the coffee shop, I will not allow disparate treatment to reach this level. I will endeavor to avoid the same through ensuring that there are effective and efficient communication channels to allow the employees to express their grievances on disparate treatment. This will be achieved for example, by providing a free environment to allow the employees to air their views like organizing team building events. Another way is by taking speedy action on complaints on disparate treatment geared towards embracing equal treatment for all employees regardless of the social and physical differences.  

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