Thursday, 25 July 2019

Journal Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 79

Journal - Essay Example However, the writer presents an interesting twist to the developing story by focusing on the involvement of US troops. Though the writer presents a good reason the involvement of US troops is justifiable, the story still attracts an element of conflict. This is because US troops’ operations in the Middle Eastern region have always been a controversial issue. Moreover, the story seem more of a speculation since the writer fails to give details on the process of selecting the troops, when it shall happen, or plans troops shall do in order to secure peace in Syria and Iraq. The writer does not divulge details and only reports the information given by US general on the plans to send troops to Middle East. The writer only indicates that the General needs to take immense action, control, and deploy troops in Iraq. Nevertheless, it is a timely story perhaps meant to offer relief to the innocent people suffering in Middle East because of the ongoing war. Islamic State has taken over, taking over factories, resources, and create insecurities. Many people are homeless, live in fear, face executions, and can hardly have a decent life. US troops could be the only source of hope of rescue. The writer posts videos of crimes committed by the Islamic State, which show lawlessness, massacre of innocents, civilians living in refugee camps, and an army incapable of curbing the Islamic State militants. This shows the credibility of the story and an attempt to persuade the readers to agree with his point of view by emotionally appealing to

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