Sunday, 11 August 2019

Management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 30

Management - Essay Example Charles Investments, Molson Coors Brewing Company, and UCD’s Institute for International Business. Undeniably, globalisation has changed the nature of 21st century businesses all over the world. The world is becoming smaller by day with favourable tariffs encouraging cross-border businesses. Surprisingly, developing countries have followed suit in cross border businesses accounting for a significant percentage. Arguably, IMF predicts that in the coming few years’ developing countries will account for half of the global businesses. Advancement in technology has resulted to high-speed internet that has reduced the barriers of time and distance. Additionally, they have worked on their work environment to accommodate other cultures, other languages, and geographies. After reading the book the coming job war by Jim Clifton that describe a metric based economic model that links human nature in the work place, customer engagement, and business outcomes, IBM is considering adopting the approach. In addition, the talent masters by bill Conaty and Ram Charam has played an important role in shaping IBM. Marriott explains that IBM is working towards aligning its workforce to global opportunities a thing that will improve its productivity through development of creative leaders. In addition, this move will develop workforce skills with greater capabilities, collaboration skills, and with capacity to share knowledge. A great opportunity arises in creation of a workforce that mirrors the shift of an organisation form one level to another. IBM targets improved services to its customers, most of whom will be form outside the US. Arguably, today, 35% of IBM’s revenue comes from the US, with the balance coming from non-US countries. Projected target pr edicts that by 2017, the revenue coming from the US will go down to 23% and the one from the non-US increase to 77%, which encourages them to invest in other countries other than the

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