Monday, 26 August 2019

Microhotels Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Microhotels - Research Paper Example The most distinguishing feature of micro-hotels therefore is the small room sizes coupled with the availability of the essential amenities within the space (Muther, 2014). Among the leading global brands of micro-hotels are Yotel, Nepcabs, Sleepbox and minute suites among many others. The above are brands just like any other and therefore engage in intense competition as they strive to grow their market shares. The development of micro-hotels is an avid portrayal of the adaptability of the hospitality industry. The unique type of hotels survives on a substantial market niche that requires a unique set of services from such facilities. The hotels main objective is to provide their customers with sleeping space. They do this by maximizing on the space. However, in order to retain a competitive advantage over the many similar hotels, various micro-hotels have begun expanding the nature of their services and products. Such companies as Yotel pride themselves in the provision of high quality services. The small rooms have warm showers and free Wi-Fi among other vital amenities that enhance the comfort and luxury of a hotel. Micro-hotels are relatively new concept in the hospitality industry. This makes it difficult to determine their position in the industry. However, the rapid nature of their expansion shows that they responded to a need in the society. Yotel for example introduced a new strategy to the business by opening a number of its outlets at some of the leading airports in the world. This way, the micro-hotel taps on a market comprising of travelers seeking to rest as they await their flights. In order to meet the demand of such group of customers, the group of micro-hotels formulated an hourly basis form of payment that enables a customer to rent a room for a couple of hours. Micro-hotels have become increasingly popular in the modern society owing to a number of factors key among which is their relatively low prices

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