Friday, 9 August 2019

Will Revolution in Libya succeed Research Paper - 1

Will Revolution in Libya succeed - Research Paper Example These rights have a foundation independent of the laws of any particular society†1. In Libya, Gaddafi is trying to sustain his power against the will of the people. Majority of the people in Libya are against the dictatorship of Gaddafi because of the human right violation happening in Libya under his administration. It is difficult for the Libyan public to express their opinion freely, if it is against the political administration. Just like in communist China, Gaddafi is trying to impose hue censorship upon media so that the to and fro motion of unhealthy information between Libya and other countries would be prevented. In civilized world like ours, people like to choose their administration through ballots. Gaddafi is trying to prevent people from enjoying such democratic freedoms. ‘Hope for a new government and for more fearless opposition to the regime is reflected in the ongoing protests. Multiple Libyan diplomats and politicians, including the justice and interior ministers, have resigned†2. Many prominent people in Libya joined the agitation which definitely shows that the countdown for Gaddafi administration is already started. Dictators cannot sustain their power for longer period as the examples from Iraq and Egypt is right in front of us. Under such circumstances, it is difficult for Gaddafi to continue in power. Gaddafi is ruling Libya for the last 40 years. He failed to grasp the confidence of the public during his last 40 year administration period. He succeeded in remain in power by suppressing the agitations against him using iron fists. â€Å"Many in Libya still remember how Gaddafi used to execute those who opposed him — or those he felt had opposed him — and would leave their bodies hanging from nooses for days as a warning†3. Even during Ramadan period, Gaddafi killed many innocent people who opposed him. In other words, Gaddafi has less belief in Islamic beliefs and traditions even though he proclaimed to be true Islamic

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