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Depend on the information that will given Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Depend on the information that will given - Essay Example A lot of different countries all over the world tried school uniform but later on were forced to abolish it due to the liberalization of the society. In the United States, the policy of mandatory school uniform started in the end of 1980s and it was aimed at decreasing gang formation and bullying (Han 1). Hence, according to Guerino et al., national reports indicate significant negative tendency in behavior of students that are prone to display violence and abuse (2). Currently, facing the question of imposing uniform on their children, many parents have rather polysemantic opinion about it despite the fact that they used to wear uniform themselves in early school years. Majority of parents do not prefer the idea of egalitarianism, some people do not like the design or comfort of the concrete uniform, and others on the contrary view the uniform as a solution to financial problem. Analyzing all advantages and disadvantages of uniform policy, it is fair to state that there are number o f reasons for approval of mandatory unified cloths in educational institutions. Firstly, uniform eliminates social conflicts because children are not encouraged to amaze each other with new trendy cloths and stand out of the crowd. There is no opportunity to judge classmates by their cloth and organize social groups according to the financial status of a child. Secondly, uniform creates conducive school environment and maintains discipline as it is supposed that looking formal helps students feel and behave more professionally. Thirdly, with the help of mandatory uniform policy, it is less complicated to ensure safety within a campus. When everyone is wearing the same attire, any intruder to the territory of a school can be easily identified. In addition to the decrease of social tension, egalitarianism diminishes economic barriers between learners, whose decision-making process regarding what they should wear in the morning is simplified considerably. Moreover, general uniform does not affect family budget in the same rate as diversified wardrobe of the child that is supposed to take place in case there is no mandatory uniform. It is quite obvious that one complete set of uniform costs much cheaper than several attires for a child to alternate with each other. Furthermore, no matter whether uniform is obligatory or not, school’s administration still must control outward appearance of the students and set limitations and basic rules of dress code for not letting children to cross the line of permissibility and decorum. However, in case all students are forced to wear unified cloths, the need to keep an eye on children’s look and provide further restrictions and punishments for not following the rules languishes. Also, a lot of experts consider that wearing uniform develops team building and strengthens school spirit. All these educe pride for educational institution and enhance fellowship between students, who get the same conditions, opportuniti es and treatment. Looking more as integrity than varicolored mass helps unite the collective and foster so-called corporate ethics. Analyzing aesthetics, it should be stressed that not all parents have a good taste therefore frequently children may look inelegantly and even preposterous meanwhile properly sewed uniform is able to liquidate some flaws in person’s appearance. Finally, the most important argument that convinces to stick to the uniform policy is

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