Friday, 1 November 2019

Oceanography Chapter 12 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Oceanography Chapter 12 - Essay Example his topic was the relation of the change in sea level to that of the coastline and the fact that it is believed that the coastlines that are present today have not yet achieved an equilibrium with the current sea levels and thus a change in the aforementioned coastlines are still expected when this equilibrium is attained. This could result in driving the coast inland when this happens should the sea levels continue to rise due to global warming (Garrison 356). Another interesting factor are the features that are formed on the coast as a result of the erosive forces that take place such as Sea Cliffs, Sea Waves and Blowholes that occur as a result of the shore being submitted to constant wave battering (Garrison 356). The process of how beaches are formed is another interesting topic in this book in relation to the transportation process of sediment onto the shore by waves (Garrison 364). The various factors that influence the transportation of the sediments have also proved to be an interesting factor with processes such as the longshore drift proving essential in the transportation of these sediment further inward thus improving the size overall size of the coast as a result (Garrison 364). The involvement of the waves as well as the currents show how different parts of nature work together to form the various features that are found on the beach. The change in the character of the shores from erosive to depositional shows the ability of nature to adapt to changing facilities in order to avoid any permanent damage. This is seen as after a while, beaches characteristics change from erosive to depositional in order to prevent any more erosion from taking place (Garrison 360). The material that beaches are made of and the relation to the various processes that form them show how not every beach is similar in nature and will depend on the location and material that is available in that region. A good example is the beaches of Hawaii that contain rare black sand

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