Wednesday, 20 November 2019

Dose spirituality have a place in the organisation when a manager is Research Paper

Dose spirituality have a place in the organisation when a manager is tackling issue such as sustainability - Research Paper Example also involves the psychological contract that exists between the employee and the organization for acknowledging the connectivity to the humanity, ecology, community, selfless work, integrity, and care. Fornaciari and Dean (2001) argue that, it has facilitated the linkage to ethics and values in order to allow for the alignment of the organization values in accordance to their philosophical or religious roots. Through this, the managers are able to understand spiritual yearnings of the employees in order to help them in establishing ways for addressing the work of the organization. Mohamed, Wisnieski, Askar and Syed (2004) explains that, it also provides with a deeper allegiance that increases the discretionally effort that in turn fosters the organization sustainability. In the instances of the employee motivation being low, the engagement of the employee to the flourishing of the organizational leads to the profits that are targeted also for the sustainability of the organization. The spirituality in the organization encourages employees to flourish thus leading to a good organizational performance improvement, thus the spiritual initiatives tend to have the influence on the financial return. Foundation for workplace spirituality. (2006). Resources: Organizational spirituality – away with the fairies. Retrieved on 9 march 2012 from

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