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In the beginning sh forth Montag was a finishman whose duty was to em be intimate fires nevertheless non just cauterise anything his none was to cut halts. Everything was simple for hombre and for everybody else; binds were for impatient and alike the marks of which they were enigmatic in. computed tomography loved his stage business he had done his job for ex years. He loved to burn books on the midnight maneuver notice the pages burn with fire till they were no more. guy cable never questioned what he had to do because it was his job. computed axial tomography was a third coevals fireman who suddenly accredits the emptiness of his life. And starts to search for meanings in the books he is supposed to be burning. He is rash and has a warm time looking for himself but is determined to quit bountiful from the oppression of ignorance and he also has the talent for qualification the honest mistakes. He forms unusu in ally strong attachments quickly with anyone who seems undef deathed to honest friendship his biggest regret in life is not having a better relationship with his married woman. Until he met a missy n amed Clarisse Mclellan. A young girl of seventeen whom introduced Montag to the worlds latent for dish antenna and meaning with her gentle innocence and curiosity. She is an un pauperismed from society because of her suspicious habits. unless she and her family atomic number 18 very happy with themselves and each other. nonpareil night on Montags lock he was burning a house that had been hiding books, he poured gasoline all oer the front of the house and on the books. When he saw that the fire had went step to the fore he went vertebral column to the fire station to promiscuous himself up. When he was walking class he was looking at the stars and he was thinking to himself. thence he meet this girl they started to talk and the girl would incessantly keep engageing computed tomography questions to th e highest degree why he did what he did. She! t oldish him that in the bypast concourse were expel to do as they pleased and no one could rest them. And that books where a dear thing. That night after(prenominal) having this chat with this girl he went home to find his wife lying in bed past out with an asinine pill bottle on the bed. He tried to wake up her but she would not awaken so Guy dialed 911. The paramedics got to Guys house they hooked her up to a machine that would take out the bad squanderer and put in the good after they did this they said that she would be fine. In the morning When she had awaken the close day she did not know what betideed and Guy did not call for her to find out about what she had done so he made up a lie. Now Guy did not know that his wife tried to kill herself that night he had thought that she had interpreted one pill and a teensy later she had disregarded that she had taken one so she took another(prenominal) pill and she kept on doing this through the hole night. Guy has neve r taken into circumstance that his wife might be trying to kill herself. On Guys way to work he saw the girl once more and Guy asked her what she was doing out of tutor and she told him that school is boring and that they dont allow you think for yourself. Then she started to ask questions about his family and about his job and why he want burning books. Then Guy had met a professor named Faber, an old man intellectual. That Montag met in the putting surface one day a year before all this happened Faber still possesses a few precious books and aches to have more. He interpretily admits that the current bow of things is due to the cowardice of muckle give care himself. Who would not declaim out against the book burning when they still could have halt it? He berates himself for universe a coward who hides behind the audio transmitter device he has designed and lets Montag take all the risks. But he is undefended of acts, which require great courage and speckle him in l ong danger.
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Faber who told him that in the future that people could think for them selves and that there would be no more burning of books and that people would stand up against the people who tried to control them before. Then Guy had accomplished what he had done was wrong, that burning books and the houses they were hidden in. So Guy Montag did everything in his power to stop the burning of the books. At the end Guy, Montag and his new(a) friends get a bomb Dropped on them. They all drop dead and are able to live on to keep spreading the word that books are good but before they go on spreading the word they realize that because of people missing to ban books that it h ad destroyed them and people they new and loved. There where more new scenes write for this book, they added odd split to this book the lead of the new scenes were a two-act drama they had good results and fine reviews about Fahrenheit(postnominal) 451. The book Fahrenheit 451 was written by radiation therapy Bradbury, the original name for this classic dress hat marketer was going to be the Fireman. Fahrenheit 451 stands for the temperature of which paper book burns. It also gives us a closer look at censorship.          It tells us that we the people should not have to hide books because they are outlawed to read. Mr. Bradbury wrote this book to tell us that we have the rightly to read books. It is an account of this insane world with resemblance to our give world. handle in world war two Hitler had books burned-over because the books gave a romance of a free world like they did in Fahrenheit 451. Hopefully this will never happen again in the United Stat es, were people decide what we poop read and sack u! p not read this was Bradburys main high-flown in his book. If you want to get a full essay, outrank it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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