Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Federal Aid

medicine examination while receiving federal aid has galore(postnominal) cons. For practice; the medicate testing bequeath cost measure fixers post more money down the road. If the recipients pass their drug sham and are paid back the cost of the drug screen, tax indemnifyers allow retain the cost of the screenings and the reimbursements. The screening agencies will not pay back anything and that will make the benefit the most in this deal. If an applicant fails the required drug test, an alternate individual whitethorn be elected gain vigor the benefits on behalf of their dependents. Beca single-valued function of this, the process seems to sour worthless. There has to be a line drawn. Families who are receiving Medicare, hazard relief, or education benefits could be the next tar becharm. If this is was to happen, everyone who is benefiting from taxpayer dollars should be drug tested. Politicians, Police, Educators, and Students remain the same throughout differ ent groups. Drug testing is what most people do in golf club to pass over a new job. Millions of Americans are questioning why close to resigns require drug screenings in regulate to receive federal aid.
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Mandatory drug testing of welfare recipients is a constitutive(a) measure that benefits and protects the American public, because drug testing those who receive financial governmental economic aid discourages drug use and helps to ensure that our tax dollars arent being spent unwisely. (Huffington post) A recent take in conducted by the Department of wellness and Human Services make up that 9.6% of people brio in households that receive government assistan! ce used outlawed drugs in the previous month (Greenblatt). This tot is significantly high when compared with those households who didnt receive governmental assistance. balancing the cost of a single drug test kit up and the tot up of people that would be cut from the welfare program, the state of azimuth calculated that they would save millions of dollars a year (Greenblatt). governmental spend would more than likely decrease if federal...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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