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Why was there Civil war in France from 1559 onwards?

Why was there Civil war in the turn tail one-half of the 16th century, but not the first? During the terminus 1559 to 1598, there were nine individual wars that pitted new pre-existing Protestants against the traditional conservative Catholics. However, even before 1559, the growth of Calvinism and Lutheranism amongst many European states meant that religious tensions were nothing less than a formality. So why was it that after 1559, civil war in France was a common occurrence whereas before it was practically unheard of? there are several reasons and causes for the wars, including growing religious tensions, tripping monarchs, oversea intervention, the role of Catherine de Medici and the existence of wan Kings coup take with strong Nobles. These factors provided weak foundations, which, when confronted with a collapsing economy, led to rebellion and civil war. One of the or so important reasons for war in the second half of the century was the exi stence of weak kings. During the first half of the century, France was led by domineering Monarchs, who kept control with an authoritarian style. In addition, the wars altogether supplanted when a strong King returned to the stack; enthalpy IV after the ninth war.
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Until 1559, Frances Monarchs, such as Francis I, Henry II and Louis XII, portrayed themselves as fathers of the population, and were utilise to getting their own way. They were not young and weak when approach to the throne, but were already well established Dauphins. These men were use to getting their own way; for example, the Bourbon rebellion was downcas t slowly by Henry II, and when the Parlemen! t of Paris rejected the covenant of bologna in 1516, Francis I threatened them and in the end labored it through. However, the dominating nature of these kings, while keeping the bucolic in roll, did lay the foundations for war later on in the century. or so constantly during these periods, the glory-seeking natures of Francis I and Henry II meant that France was at war, with either...If you privation to get a full essay, order it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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