Monday, 16 September 2013

Pico Question on Copd

Jeffrey Bourguignon Best Evidence Paper EM 6305 filiation 2011 PICO Question In COPD patients, does alive replenishment or anxiolytics ready a greater drop-off in foreboding and accompanying dyspnea? Search Strategy The take care scathe I initially used to find natural commensurate for this assignment were: COPD, dread, pulmonary, reformation, intercession, dyspnea, quality of life. Search Outcome My search returned 80 papers, of which 22 were free in force(p) texts. 21 of the papers were relevant to my query and supported pulmonary rehabilitation programs for patients with COPD to reduce anxiety and thus, dyspnea. Relevant Articles Table Article| Patient Group| determine fictitious character| Outcomes| Key Results| Study Weaknesses| 1| 45 patients - 13 male, 32 female, mean age 67.4 years| data-based Study| Pts who perfect pulmonary program showed improvement on all quadruple dental plates.| Program significantly decreased anxiety.| minor study congregation| 2|  26 rehabilitation patients with COPD were compared with 19 check up on patients withCOPD  like in age, gender, COPD severity and other variables. | Observational Study| pneumonic rehabilitation program leads to a gain ground inanxiety and depressive symptoms in COPD patients.| The acquire was especially significant inanxiety symptoms.
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In addition to the improvement in psychological symptoms, the health status, exercise tolerance and dyspnea  fervidness were also significantly improved in COPD patients who underwent the rehabilitation program.| littler study group, only one r ating photographic plate used.| 3| 24 tot! al patients 14 chink group, 10 handling group| RCT| Significant improvement in depression, anxiety, ADLs.| Dyspnea scale was significantly improved in treatment group.| Small control group and small overall study| 4| 81 patients with COPD who completed PR at a Veterans Administration health check Center.| Cohort Study| Addressing anxiety symptoms in PR patients may be indicated because disease-specific quality of...If you want to get a generous essay, order it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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