Sunday, 5 May 2019

A company that provide great customer service in its industry Essay

A comp either that provide great customer service in its industry - assay Examplent here to understand the concept which was coined by George Ritzer whereby he kept the name McDonaldization which is in relevancy with the continuation of Max Webers theories related with bureaucracies. (Bassett, 1992) Max Weber has put in place a definition related with bureaucracy as being a large hierarchical organization which g overns the basis of formal rules and regulations and which forms a lucid arrangement of tasks that need to be undertaken.McDonalds believes in satisfying its customers all over the globe as in that location is a premise to regard the customers as the most important entity for the creative activity of this international fast food drawing string. The customers for McDonalds mean everything for them as they are the people who introduce virgin and fresh concepts into the restaurant industry every now and then. Workers at the restaurant are given the tasks to grill, prepari ng cut fries, working the front register and lastly taking orders at the drive by means of windows present at the selected McDonalds outlets. McDonalds has a network of authority starting from the workers, crew chiefs, shift managers, salary managers and up till the owner of the outlet in essence. (Lowenstein, 1997)McDonalds has enforced within the fast food chain an impartial application of rules and policies so that there is no compromise on this tenet at any cost. McDonalds has maintained highest quality standards, personalized greetings at the registers and doors as well as at the drive through windows. McDonalds has attained the role of being a bureaucratic chain more so because it is the most efficient means of managing a diverse set of people across varied geographic locations and social segments. This leaves unity to wonder as to why the process of McDonaldization has attained so much success when one thinks about McDonalds.One must attach special linkage with fresh chan ges and mind-blowing conceptual moves when there is a visualization of McDonalds in the

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