Tuesday, 7 May 2019

Research proposal Article Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Research proposal - Article Exampless of Korean-American adolescents and (3) to determine the effect of family and nicety in the academic exploit of Korean-American adolescents in US schools.Ethnic Identity as a soothsayer of Problem Behaviors among Korean American Adolescents, a Journal article by Eunai K. Shrake, Siyon Rhee Adolescence, Vol. 39, 2004 presents the underlying problems that Korean American adolescents experience.Chung, Jungsook Park. 1998. A Study of Self-Esteem in Selected Korean-American Youth in the Fort Worth-Dallas Area. Ph.D. Thesis, south Baptist Theological Seminary aims to discover certain significant predictors of self-esteem among Korean-American adolescents and to determine the difference in self-esteem scads across the variables of gender, length of residence in the United States, parents marital structure, language preference, and significant others. In this field of study, the adolescents who chose parents as the most significant others received t he highest scores in self-esteem analysis. The adolescents who chose friends received the middle score, and the adolescents who chose teachers received the last-place score.The value tensions in KoreanAmerican motherchild relationships while facilitating academic success create verbally by Sungeun Yang and Kathryn D. Rettig explored mothers perspectives concerning their experiences in facilitating the academic success of their adolescents in American schools, using a naturalistic study design, data from transcribed personal interviews of 17 KoreanAmerican mothers, and a phenomenological analysis approach.Parental Warmth, Control, and fight in Schooling by Kyoungho Kim and Ronald P. Rohner explored the relationship between Baumrinds parenting prototypes and the academic achievement, judged by grade spirit level average (GPA), of Korean American adolescents. It also examined the relative contribution to youths academic achievement of perceived maternal and paternal warmth and contr ol and

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