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Dunkin Donuts Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

Dunkin Donuts - Term Paper typefaceIn part one, the queryer provided a brief analysis of the company followed by the company military commission and marks the project introduced the product portfolio and the core competencies of the company were presented. The researcher also examined the internal and external environss by utilizing fig out and PEST analysis to examine the factors that can favor or that cannot favor effective business performance. market mix strategies such as product, place, price and promotion strategies were examined, and lastly, the conclusion that summarized this part was included. In part two, the research proposed varied growth strategies effective for enabling the company to master successful business performance. The researcher revealed that utilizing friendly media services and also creating value preposition, as well as, segmenting the market is vital. It was suggested that the company can employ the merchandise mix such as the product strategy, price, place and the promotion strategy because these be imperative marketing strategies for achieving significant business growth. Lastly, the researcher provided a brief conclusion that summarized the proposed strategies vital for enabling the company to achieve successful business growth.... The company declares itself as the largest global baked and coffee product chains do more than 2.7 million clients daily in more than 8,800 stores within 31 countries (Dealbook, 2011). Most of the company stores are franchised and the Dunkins Donuts stores are owned by Dunkin Brands Inch. The Dunkins Donuts focuses on products but not the store environment hence, the company designs their products in a manner that can attract many customers. The company strives hard in cast to ensure that their customers are well satisfied and earns their loyalty. Their social responsibility towards their customers is reflected in the company mission. 1.2 representation & Goals The mission of the company is to become the dormant global of high quality products by being a socially responsible company and retentiveness high-established image for their customers through turning them health product options (Dunkin Donuts and Baskin-Robbins, 2007). The main(prenominal) goal of the company is to make the nutritional value of the menu choices in their stores better in order to achieve customer loyalty. Therefore, the main responsibility of the company revolves primarily around offering health products options for their customers. They offer low-calorie food options and healthier drinks to ensure that their clients view them as a caring company. Another goal is keeping on top of new nutrition developments and health related research to determine aspects that can squeeze the products of their company. The aim of the company is to be the quality leader in the market by offering a higher standard development of high dining experience with inventive product choices (Dunkin Donuts and Baski n-Robbins, 2007). The last objective of

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