Thursday, 2 May 2019

Market Strategy and Anti-Trust Regulation Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Market scheme and Anti-Trust Regulation - Essay ExampleTo be specific, the order targeted a large market through the harvest-time Line Expansion Strategy. In explanation, the De Beers Company had an effective distribution channel and it influenced other companies to make gross revenue through the distribution channel. This ensured that the company gained control of the product supply globally due to the consumer surplus, regardless of whether it produced the diamond. The company had an excess supply of diamond, therefore, controlling the prices of the commodity. After 1990, there were new sources of diamond in other countries that change the product directly to the market without involving De Beers. This created a producer surplus situation and the company employed its resources to grease ones palms diamond from the emerged sources, as a strategy to maintain its market share (Thompson, Arthur, & Strickland, p. 23).The American courts had no legal power to handle De Beers case fo r defying the countrys anti-trust regulations (Guide to Antitrust Laws). The company was not accountable for the diamond in the United States as the transfer of the title to the products occurred outside the countrys boundaries. However, the De Beers Company decided to constitute the penalties even through it was under no legal obligation to make the payment. The justification is that it paid the fines in order to have the ability to enter the United States market to increase its

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