Wednesday, 4 September 2019

A lost lady :: essays research papers

Once apon a time in the little town of Sweet Water there lived a beautiful women by the name of Mrs. Forrester. Mr. & Mrs. Forrester only came to Sweet Water in the summer. When they could enjoy the grassy slopes, tall thick trees, the cool stream and especially they beautiful roses, that Mr. Forrester loved so much. But when the winter came they would pack up and leave. During the winter months they would stay i Denver or Colorado Springs and socialize with all their well to do friends. The Forresters were very well to do. Being in the railroad business, they were able to travel back and forth and not worry about the expence. All the boys in Sweet Water absolutly loved Mrs. Forrester, because she was a beautiful and fair women. When she spoke to them she treated them with respect and equality, something they weren't use to. One boy named Niel Herbert took a liking to Mrs. Forrester. His uncle, Judge Pommeroy ran the local law practice in town, and the Forresters were his clients. So when ever Judge had to go on business to the Forrester's estate Niel gladly tagged along. One winter Mr. Forrester lay ill at the Antlers in Colorado Springs. He had fallen while on his horse and had been layed up all winter. When spring came Mrs. Forrester brought him back to Sweet Water. But on their return Niel noticed that he still walked with a cane and had grown much heavier. After this accident it became much harder for Mr. Forrester to travel so the Forresters started to stay in Sweet Water all year round. As Niel grew up he started to study law with his uncle. But the more he studied the more he didn't like it, so he decided to go east and sttend a school to become an architect. When Niel came home for the summer he met his old buddy Ivy Peters. Ivy told him he was now practicing law and he had also rented out some of the Forresters land and turned the marsh into a wheat field. Upon his return to Sweet Water Niel found that both Mr.& Mrs. Forrester were failing in health. They had lost their fortune in the railroad and were living by themselves in Sweet Water, they had to let their help go because they couldn't afford to pay them any longer. Now that they no longer had help Mrs.

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