Sunday, 15 September 2019

Animals Don’t Have Enough Rights

Animal rights Good morning my friends! how are you today? i’m going to start this discussion with a simple question â€Å" will you go to jail if you kill a human? †. Ofcourse you will, this is because humans have a right to live and to take ones life is a sin right? now let me ask you another question â€Å"will you go to jail if you kill an animal? †. The answer is no, why is this? because humans are more inferior then others? a life is a life whether its a human or an animal.Do you know that in one day an average human kills up to 3 animals? why? just so you can eat a good lunch or dinner at KFC or Mcdonalds. In my opinion animals dont have enough rights this is my topic for today. Did it ever occur to you that maybe animals have rights too? just because they cant speak doesnt mean they cant feel. Every year millions of animals are disected,infected,injected,gassed burned and blinded in hidden labs all over the world and most of the time without painkillers. A nd what for? ust so you can get the latest perfume or shampoo. Would it kill to use organic items? if they arent killed the animals get traumatised and are shaken up which is worse. The truth is, is that animal testing has endangered the life of humans because the results from animal testing cant be applied to humans. This is because animals and humans are completely different from each other! less than 2% of the diseases in humans appear on animals. In Australia last year, 6. 5 million animals were used in experiments.In these research labs just imagine how these animals would feel they are shoved in cages that are so small they get grazes and cuts on their skin from trying to get comfy, also when an animal dies it is kept in a wheelbarrow near the cages. The animals get scared and even sometimes attack each other. Despite the death of these animals before they even get tested, lab workers continue to stuff them in tiny cages, each animal branded with a barcode number instead of a name.In conclusion, animal testing is unreliable and sick, and now that there are alternatives to this (synthetic human skin, vitro testing) I suggest the government fully ban animal testing, we can help too! next time you go shopping buy animal friendly products only and then animal testing labs will be forced to shut down and try not to eat too much of meat so that the killing of animals can be reduced. lets make the world a better, safer, happier place for humans and animals Remember animals have rights too!

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