Sunday, 1 September 2019

Study case of High Rate of dropouts in highschool

I. Introduction A. Background of the study Drop out is defined as learning without a diploma and not completing its year course in the school. It’s been known for years that children who do not achieve a school diploma face many more problems later in life than people who graduated. They are more likely to be unemployed lived in extreme poverty and achieved poor health. B. Statement of the problemLas Pià ±as National High School failed to the lowest possible rate of dropout students. Based on the rate profile of the school, there are several factors and reasons that affect the students in the community. C. Significance of the storyThis study aims to know the reasons of the students why they leave school and scoping out ways to resolve the problems stated in our full puissance. There are existing ordinance that may help to solve the issue. There are existing ordinance that may help to solve the issue such as: Education For All (EFA) – is a vision and a holistic program of reforms that aims at improving the quality of basic education for every Filipino by the yearD. Scope and delimitation of the study This research focuses only on the reasons why students were dropped out and is limited beyond any other fields.II. Body Based on the rate profile of Las Pià ±as National High School, there are several factors and reason that affect the students in the community. Lack of Parent Engagement- it is one of the reasons why students choose to dropout because they want their parent’s attention but because their parents are busy to their work they can’t give their full attention to them. And their child will not see the purpose of staying in or doing well in school.Poor Academic Performance- because students are being lazy, lazy in studying their lessons and being lazy to take down notes that leads to their poor academic performance. Financial- it is the most common problem why students choose to dropout because their parents can’t suppor t them for their needs in school. And because of that they would rather to work to supply for their needs. Personal Problems- here are the common issues involve:Teenage Pregnancy- because they can’t go to school with their pregnancy being obvious and the school can’t tolerate their deeds. Bullying- one of the most serious problem of the students because of the fear that they might get hurt physically and mentally that caused trauma to them. The high rate of the dropouts affects the image the school in such a way that even if they rank first in the National Achievement Test the teachers get less appraisal than what they supposed to have.Unlike to the school like Las Pià ±as Science High School they got the full amount of appraisal because they don’t have any records of dropout. And to take action the Guidance services of Las Pià ±as National High School make away to lessen the number of dropouts; encouragement, community linkages, ALS, Open High, PEP Test and c lose monitoring of students.

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