Thursday, 12 September 2019

LIbrary Research Assignment Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

LIbrary Assignment - Research Paper Example This post aims to analyze the informative article by Spencer in detail and analyze its contribution towards providing a better understanding of global warming issues. The author claims that global warming is a fact which cannot be ignored and which needs to be addressed properly. Author has strongly emphasized on the need of human beings to control the global warming by new technologies and prevention strategies. However, author challenges the claims of politicians and media that this issue has been settled. The basic idea of the author is not to describe global warming as just another consequence of men’s activities but rather taking the natural processes that are causing an increase in global warming (Wood, 2005). The author also aims to draw the attention of authorities and governments to the fact that punishing the use of fossil fuels and other expensive policy measures may only be adopted by wealthier countries and will remain ineffective for the poor or developing countr ies. Hence, Spencer calls for policies and interventions which will be helpful to all the countries equally and may save the Earth as a part of Earth cannot be saved by adopting policies against the disastrous effects of global warming. The author describes the concept of global warming as a fact rather than a myth. This supports the opinion that global warming exists and is controllable (to some extent) by managing the technological use, fuels and human activities. The scientific facts discussed are of great importance as the natural greenhouse effect, the natural radiative imbalances, evaporation, and precipitation and so on (Philander, 2000). The article is undoubtedly in line with the thesis statement that â€Å"global warming is a fact not myth.† The evidences provided by the writer on the scientific processes and climate change are the evidence of this statement. Moreover, the discussions on human activities that are leading to global warming

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