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Entering the conversation Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Entering the conversation - Essay Example In the event of such occurrences, human beings have been urged to accommodate the feelings and opinions of other parties involved in the dialogue (14). The author gives a detailed example of the notions a lot of people have on vegetarianism. Most people are of the opinion that vegetarianism is a lifestyle while others hold the opinion the lifestyle is dreadful (15). All in all, the author analyses both sides of the concept so as to include the opposing ideas and the ones for the lifestyle. Essentially, this is to mean that all propositions and opinions of all persons are important and must be considered in entirety. Anything is expected in the course of any form of conversation (14). The author of Reading Strategies indicates that an all-inclusive reading involves various steps. The first must be inclusive of making a preview of the entire text. Through a brief preview, the reader is able to have a quick glimpse of the ideas portrayed by the author (353). The reader must then analyse the thoughts of the author from one’s point of view. This entails the perception one holds regarding the text, either repugnance or acceptance to the author’s ideas. Afterwards, the reader must annotate the key points brought forward by the author in the text, a process that which is only successful whilst weighing the author’s viewpoints in mind. Doubting and validating the author’s views scrutinizes the reliability of the work (358). A good example is Lessig’s work where the author takes the reader through the process of analysis of a piece. On another point of view, the author argues that summarizing the main points in the course of reading helps to confirm that all sections have been analyzed properly (360). At times the author uses some patterns whilst compiling their work, which may help readers have a summary of the text (361). The readers must also use color to highlight main points in the text. All

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