Thursday, 17 October 2019

PepsiCo Inc. Case Study Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

PepsiCo Inc. Case Study - Essay Example Pepsi is popular as many people identify with it. Customer’s lifestyles change regularly, and the company should understand consumer characteristics to facilitate construction of integrative communication message(Fill, 2009). All beverage companies struggle to convince the same consumers to purchase their products. For instance, the Coke studio currently running has little to do with drinks but popularizing Coke brand. Again, associating with critical events, such as world cup, increased the brand value of Coke. Pepsi should come up with new ways of appraising its brand and popularize its products. In short, marketing communication tools and design are essential for brand appraisal. Pepsi faces Coca-Cola as its main rival in the beverage market since they both enjoy global presence. However, Coca-Cola is always ahead in sales and market share. Some of the critical challenges that Pepsi faces include stiff competition both locally and internationally, relatively low market penetration, and weak brand. Therefore, the company marketing strategies should aim at solving the above shortcomings to allow it gain new markets. Possible marketing strategies are identifying market differentiation points, applying effective marketing communication initiatives, and increasing its promotional activities. With sizable investment portfolio and relatively strong brand, Pepsi can shake beverage market remarkably. Above all, agility and diversity in marketing aspects are the best way to retain existing customers and gain others.

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