Wednesday, 16 October 2019

Whole life paper. Electricl engineer Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Whole life paper. Electricl engineer - Essay Example Having been good in mathematics and physics at A levels greatly generated my interest in electrical engineering and I made my final decision in becoming an electrical engineer in future. I used to spend most of time in the laboratory trying to connect circuits and learning more about electronics. As I was in high school we came across this challenging situation with my fellow students. While doing our practical assignment in one our physics laboratory class it happened that the systems stopped working despite the fact that the electric bulbs were still on. No one could figure out what was happening and our assignment was almost due in time and neither the teacher nor the technician could be reached. With my interest and passion in electricity I decided to handle the assess the situation with an intention of resolving the problem. I noted that the fuse had blown off and managed to replace it with a spare. Since then I realized that I had the capacity to handle electronics and also rea lized my positive attitude toward the subject. Working with electrons has been wonderful in my education as have always wondered how electronic engineers have changed these positron antiparticles to transform diverse fields such as robotics, acoustics and medicine, as stated by Cheng (67). These phenomenal developments by the electrical engineers have helped me understand my passion in engineering as well as increased my ambition to join them in changing lives. In addition, the values I learnt from m father who was also an electrical engineer have helped me greatly. For instance, through his dedication to the job, enjoyment and positive attitude towards it helped grow my passion in this career. My undoubted experience during high school, university and during internships has helped understand better my passion for engineering. Nevertheless, my unquestionable courage to handle challenges while at school has increased my understanding of the passion I have in this career. Being hardwo rking and daring in facing challenges is part of my strengths which have influenced my understanding of the passion I have in the field. Being an optimistic, hardworking and goal driven individual clearly sets out my experience, values and strengths in engineering different from that of others. For instance, I used to company my dad to his working cites since I was young and from him I learnt a lot about this field. Similarly, having been the best student in physics in high school my tutors sometimes would give me a contract to work for them and this increased my experience. My teamwork values as well as my innovative skills also set me different from other people in this field. For instance, during my education I liked working with groups because I knew my skills and knowledge would help others in my filed. Similarly, my strengths in facing challenges without fear also makes me different from others given the fact that electricity is very dangerous when improperly handled (Moaveni and Sharma, 121) Impact Some of my goals include the following: To reduce environmental pollution by 30 percent in the next five years to come: I will ensure this by coming up with a model that reduces the amount of heat released to the atmosphere by the use of electricity. To raise the living standards of the communities living in the rural areas. I hope to achieve this by designing equipment that are portable, more energy efficient and use solar. To contribute in the improvement of healthcare. I hope to achieve this by innovatively designing better electronic machines which can detect people’s heath problems in the shortest time possible. Emerging Global,

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