Monday, 7 October 2019

The Enduring Wisdom of the Spiritual Master Essay

The Enduring Wisdom of the Spiritual Master - Essay Example She attributed her recovery to St. Joseph, to which she remained devoted. However, her life changed after she experienced â€Å"the sorely wounded Christ’s† vision. After experiencing the vision, Teresa encountered a number of ecstatic experiences that influenced her into focusing more on the passion of Christ. The visions acted as her impetuous that influenced her into setting herself to the reorganization of her order. She began this reformation by attempting to master herself, as well as adhere to her rule. She tried to create a primitive Carmelite by gathering some of her Sisters in Carmel to concretize her idea of a monastery. She received support from St. Peter of Alcantara, her confessor and a number of learned individuals as she started to work towards the achievement idea. This idea materialized in 1562 after the clothing of the four novices and the opening of St. Joseph Monastery. Teresa’s external activities were adjunct to her internal spiritual graces (Cannata 2). The realization of her idea made her happy, after which she tenaciously resisted several revelations for about two years. Subsequently, she experienced the initial intellectual and non-intellectual visions depicting Christ’s humanity. This humanity became the heart of her loving attention, as well as the source of the intimate graces she was able to enjoy for several years. Her possession of the love of God created in her an enormous desire to see God and to die so that she could see Him. These graces were necessary for sustaining her as she was trying to actualize and reinforce her reformation work. Teresa received confirmation for the will to work courageously for God’s glory since her intention was to save the many souls that were being lost. Upon visiting Avila, John Baptist Rossi authorized Teresa to establish other monasteries of nuns. This authorization led her to institute several monasteries

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