Tuesday, 15 October 2019

The Problems in Human Patterns of Consumption Essay

The Problems in Human Patterns of Consumption - Essay Example All the sub-topics will support the main subject matter, which are the human patterns and quantities of consumption. By the end of the research paper, all points taken will be analyzed into a conclusive synthesis. As for now, this will be a comprehensive summary and exposition of the research at hand. This will explain the rationale behind the choice of the research topic and the relevance it has in the real world. The topic focuses on the issues that human patterns of consumption have affected negatively the status of the natural environment. There are serious and grave problems that produce unrestrained human patterns of consumption. Environmental research has indicated that human consumption of natural resources is outpacing the capacity which the Earth can produce. It does not help that while this fact is being overlooked by most of the world’s population, it seems that human needs and wants are taken as more important than environmental concerns. Historically, the problems in human patterns of consumption were more apparent during the age of human modernization and industrialization. As human technological development started to improve, so did the rate of consumption by human beings on the environment. As human populations started to grow by the thousands and millions per day, the increasing demand for human wants and needs are multiplied exponentially. This is manifested through different negative effects on the natural environment. As human populations grew, so did the necessity to expand for shelter become more apparent. Towns would expand to become cities, and cities would become a sprawling metropolis. The materials needed to pursue this task would require so many natural resources to get this done. Many trees would require being lumbered or cut down to construct buildings, houses and fixtures for shelter and commercial use. At the same time, many natural wilderness areas would have to be cleared out to provide  land for human shelter and consumption.

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