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ALIEN AUTOPSY Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

ALIEN AUTOPSY - Essay ExampleConversely, this is explicable by the underlying conditions under which the autopsy was undertaken (Farrell, pp29-39). According to the prevailing cameraman, four living aliens were found at the crash site. One of them never survives the revival operation whilst the cooperate and the third succumbed after a month. The fourth alien stay lived until the year 1946. The autopsy of the first creature is not known thus it can be taken to be the subject of the massive scientific autopsy. The filmed of the prevailing second and third autopsies were on the year 1947 to find the main cause of their shrewd death thus aiding in finding appropriate means of keeping the fourth alien alive. This could also aid in the establishing of communication and finding the footing why the alien had come to Earth. This was the main interest of the national defense forces as compared to the scientific study of an alien life form (Mantle & Noe Torres, pp54-67). However, there was premise that organs were taken for further learning during the process of dis branch. Moreover, fit in to the cameraman, the fourth alien was autopsied logically at heart a medical theatre in the front man of the leading scientist in United States, England and France. Santilli footage depicted metals samples that mainly take after the manufacturing modus operandi utilized in the building of the I-Beams within the Santilli debris footage. The footage was precisely rounds at section of the symbols which were impossible to be make within the present milling machines (Mantle & Noe Torres, pp54-67). The nature of the fractures, light and highly reflective appearance of the I-beams baffled Murphy that prompted him to conclude that the metals were made from very fine, crystalline structure manufactured with unknown technique. The hieroglyphs on the alien I-beams resemble the Greek and Phoenician alphabets, which have the common origin of family diverse from Semitic alphabets-Aramaic, P rocanaanitic and Arabic that originated from the hieroglyphic alphabet. Inscriptions clearly belong to the same family of the alphabets but pre-date the Phoenician and the corresponding Egyptian culture found in Peru (Farrell, pp29-39). The film brings out the sense of both the I-beams and then decodes their underlying captions utilizing languages from the similar context and language families as the main alphabets. There were also twelve toed foot prints on Anasazi petro glyphs within the Canyonlands of Utah. The signs designated their divine origin. There was controversy on the part of the Roswell footage because it lacked witnesses on the year 1947 UFO crash to confirm either bodies or the debris. Moreover, it contained smaller corpses that had four fingers according to the witnesses (Mantle & Noe Torres, pp112-178). The cameraman said that the crash site was amidst the Socorro and Magdalena. Santillis full story of the cameraman confirmed that he had leant about the crash on th e year 1947, which dates the force back to the late hours of May, 1947. The conclusion was that the event of Roswell was totally different. The fact that the cameraman had been flown into the Roswell and brought to the underlying crash site by car caused him to think that

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