Sunday, 2 June 2019

fuctions of management Essay -- essays research papers

Out of the four topics I would say the first step in the four functions of management is organizing. Organizing The first step of organizing would be self-organizing and time management. Without self-organizing your team up volition not be organized and provide start going to other places for leadership. Once the self-organizing is done then the manager can start organizing the team. metre management for your team should be a priority the team leader. The next step would be to develop a matrix and a chain of command. A clear chain of command will help organize the team.In my opinion Planning is the second step. Without tight-laced planning the team or workers will start making their own plans and those plans may not be want the manager wants.Planning.While I was in the Navy I taught the people that worked for me that proper planning prevents poor performance. So Planning is an important step in management and leadership. A successful manager needs to have skill in setting object ives, goals and strategies. There are plenty of software tool that a manager can use. In the Navy we used what was called PMS boards. Today I use Lotus Notes and MS Outlook to schedule tasks for myself. Once the Organization and planning is set. Leadership has to be determined and set. Without strong leadership the team will not survive and the manager will be replaced when deadlines fail, or milestones are not met.Leading.Some leaders have a natural leadership styles art object others are taught leadership th...

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