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How did the French Revolution inspire Romanticism and why Essay

How did the French Revolution inspire romanticism and why - Essay vitrineRomanticism, therefore, turned to an assessment of imperialism and materialism of an industrial community. Although the French revolution enabled romanticism to gain popularity, it turned romantics against it. The French revolution in an immense way influenced the age of romanticism and most of it in a positive way. The French revolution significantly inspired interest in the portrayal of modern-day events, although there was order of detailed paintings that were done before the revolution (Mosse, 1989). The French revolution was inspired by the enlightenment era which led to a period of anticipation and optimism. Artists in France chose to represent their happenings in highly detailed forms of art. Their leader Napoleon demanded that their achievements should be displayed in detailed pictures. Napoleon wanted everything to be remembered and, therefore, pictures would do the representation better. Paintings that overly represented individual suffering were represented in The Raft of the Medusa. rudiments of romanticism can be establish in art, music and literature and early(a) forms of writings (Mosse,1989). Napoleons invasions can be attributed to dispersal of reforms across Europe. The Romantic Movement also helped shape the political movements such as the French revolution, and it was also do by the revolution. Both played a significant part in the creation of nationalism among the citizens. The romantics were ready to end the terrible reign and would do everything affirmable to improve the ball club. The French revolution helped cultivate the idea that rebuilding of the society was achievable. The revolution built on the Enlightenment plan of advancement that society could improve. The romantics, therefore, began bosom their history and displayed it in the form of art and music. The revolution inspired them and they started looking at their ancestral origins as a source of in spiration. The romantics during those times were focused on ending the reign of terror. It seems that they had the same vision as the people of France who wanted to break away from the monarchy. Romanticism developed to being a philosophy, which could not add the power that the French revolution had (Friedrich). The French revolution brought about the change that the romantic philosophers so much desired. Before the French revolution, the romantics lived in an oppressive society with no or little freedom. The romantics wanted a quick group to intervene and help them attain a stable government and a strong sense of individuality. Their society was particularly divided, and they could not write anything that was not acceptable. This made them desire so much for freedom. The rise of the French revolution, therefore, enabled people to be subject of putting across their feelings in whichever way they wished. The French revolution had a significant impact on the European lifestyle in t he nineteenth century. A significant wave of emotion was spread throughout the society. The French revolution introduced new laws for the citizens. It also resulted in change, in both literature and art (Doyle). Romanticism is largely responsible for shaping the world to a better place to live. The French revolution was the climax of the romantic philosophy. The revolution provided with problems, which acted as a tooshie for the romantic literature and art. The French revol

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