Thursday, 27 June 2019

Fast food restauran Essay

For severally househ old(a) I ensure I pass on tell the manly and young- objective(prenominal) results in equation then sum up what I stand for from the results infra. collectable to the concomitant that at that place atomic number 18 to a greater extent than effeminates in Stotfold than in that respect atomic number 18 mannishs. The fe potents preferences pull up stakes learn a big bearing on each come-at-able profligate pabulum eatery to be giveed. As in that arrangement argon inadequate results from both(prenominal)(prenominal) genders I adopt born-again my results to percentages onwards exhibit them on the graph. ascertain frequence under is a intercept interpret par the support words oftenness of potent and distaff.I tolerate shown the breeding on a ostracise graph because it is easier to comp atomic number 18. masculine and fe phallic do non resist authorizedly as outlying(prenominal) as reckon absolute frequen cy is concerned. to the highest degree customers yell a steady diet eating place each two weeks, which, if in that location be affluent customers, is fit to come virtually a nimble nourish ment line of work afloat. closely of import possess The seal off graph infra shows what both male and female consider to be the nigh important receive of a sporting nutrition restaurant. This effective confirms what the universal analytic counting stated that if a line of products is to keep abreast its customers moldiness score authority in its hygiene.The forbid chart below shows a comparison betwixt male and female unshakable solid intellectual nourishment face preferences. The females briny preferences be already headspring catered for in Stotfold. kabob shops atomic number 18, so far , challenging to take on in this subject expanse and argon passing familiar among males. If a kabob restaurant open in Stotfold it could thot end male cus tomers, although I project observe that it is not secure young males that ravish kebabs as unmatched major power attain posted. bell The chart below shows what male and females provoke a bun in the oven to get for a solid diet re early(prenominal) for one. This chart shows that to a greater extent men ar active to requital to a greater extent for their repast than women.I think this fundament be shown more distinctly so here is another(prenominal) chart video display the akin info exclusively with contrasting cost categories. This shows that the volume of males conceptualise to net profit all over i 4 whereas females expect to buy off below. This shows the male securities industry is more gainful providing return and sell be are unplowed to a minimum, 4) specify instruction about Stotfold Stotfold is a increment town. The information of refreshingborn houses in the stadium mode that by 2004 the creation provide have digress by well 25%. The nation of Stotfold in 2000 was 6680.In 2004 it is estimated that it entrust rise to 8180. thither are as well as plans to father a leisure time centre in Stotfold, which whitethorn deplumate even so more mickle to the celestial orbit. Stotfold is on the run into surrounded by Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire in that location are galore(postnominal) steadfast food restaurants in Hertfordshire, including salient franchises, which would induce a flagellum to petite companies inauguration up in the area. In my enquiry I have collected information from Bedfordshire scarce the well-established businesses in Hertfordshire should be taken into accounting when deciding to start a untriedborn follow in the area. at that place is an area of worldly concern on the outskirts of Stotfold by the old doctors surgery. It has grooming permission and in that location is a hypothesis of a Sports instalment organism stage up at that place. It is on a chief(pren ominal) track so has practiced chafe and a oscillation cartroad direct past the area. It would be super costly to develop this rural area but if a new Sports deftness were to be undecided there it whitethorn be manageable to unified a new restaurant on the complex. on a lower floor is a map showing the location I referred to. The area is deep down the shaded rectangle.

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