Wednesday, 12 June 2019

What is engineering Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

What is engineering - Essay ExampleIn that context, the scope of engineering is very expansive and ubiquitous.If one tries to grasp the attributes of engineering in a very simple and concise manner, it is a science that has to do with making things happen. If I take a casual look at virtually of the machines and products that I use are it the kitchen stove, elevator, water heater, computers, smart phones or automobiles, these are the gadgets that do certain specific things. These are the products or machines that solve many human race problems, and these machines or gadgets have been made possible by the science or discipline of engineering. Hence, I strongly believe that engineering is a science that encourages worldly concern solve or deal with the difficult tasks and problems it faces in the everyday life. Engineering does so by using the available scientific knowledge to contrive technologies, which help in the invention and production of varied innovative products and gadget s. These gadgets or machines may vary from being simple bicycles to space ships and rockets. In that sense I exactly cannot help marvelling at the versatility of the science of engineering.The amazing thing is that engineering is a discipline which I believe has revolutionized every aspect of the modern life. I cannot mother any aspect of the contemporary life that has not been influenced by engineering. For instance computer engineers have to do with the designing and fabrication of the computer hardware and software, which could be used to solve many complex issues and tasks. Automobile engineers design and make varied cars and automobiles that are intended to fulfil specific aims and objectives like assuring tokenish fuel consumption or having the ability to run on alternative fuels. When I look at such astounding technologies, I cannot help believe that many of the comforts and wonders of the modern life would never have been possible, but for

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