Monday, 17 June 2019

Physica Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Physica - Research Paper ExampleAs the car moves at a speed, the objects inside will also move at the same speed. When the car stops suddenly the objects inside the car will continue to move in the lead unless it is stopped by some object like seat belt. The physics principle behind this process is inertia. Inertia is explained by Isaac Newton in his original law of physics. Inertia is the thought process that moving objects will continue to do so unless an external force is applied to stop it. Inertia is one of the rudimentary principles of physics that has innumerable applications. Principles of inertia are applied in several fields where speed, motion and direction are crucial factors. Knowing the basic idea of inertia helps us understand the way objects move in the universe. Inertia is therefore important in the development of various products. The interesting principle of inertia touches almost every aspects of our daily life. Appliances like refrigerator, air conditioners and heat pumps function on the second law of thermodynamics. Heat energy spontaneously flows from a wild body to a cold body. In order to make heat flow from cold body to hot body work must be done. A process, a cycle is continuously happening in a refrigerator. A liquid refrigerant substance is getting vaporized in the cool down coils. Heat in the surroundings is absorbed by this fluid. The fluid gets vaporized and this cools the fridge. The same principle is applicable in heat pumps and air conditioners. Pressure cooker which is use in our kitchen works on a physics principle. Vaporization principle is the secret behind hale cooker. Pressure gets formed inside the cooker as the peeing boils. Boiled water produces steam which makes the temperature rise. The pressure and the high temperature inside the cooker make the food cooked. The high pressure and temperature reduces the cooking time. The pressure of the steam aggravates the gas pressure above the water. Boiling point is ea sily achieved by increase in pressure. Pressure cooker works on this principle. Devices like radio and telephone convert acoustic energy into electrical energy and electrical energy back to acoustic energy. Wirelessly transmitted electromagnetic waves are received by television and it is converted into set out energy and acoustic energy. This is the principle behind the working of television. Toothpaste we use in every life is an example of the application of a physics principle. Applyig pressure on any ruin of the toothpaste tube makes the paste come out through the outlet. Pascal a Frenchman found out that if pressure is applied to any field of view of a confined fluid, pressure would get transmitted to all other parts with no loss. The applied pressure would put equal force on all parts of the confined walls. The force also comes perpendicular to the walls. If we put a hole in the toothpaste tube and push at any part of the tube, paste would come out through the hole. The for ce gets transmitted from one place to another through the liquid, which is the toothpaste. The same principle is used in hydraulic machines. Bicycles we use in daily life works on a physics principle. The prominent force that helps a bicycle to balance is centripetal force. A bicycle has two wheels kept in straight alignment. For a beginner it would be difficult to balance a bicycle. However, certain physics principles makes bicycle tantalise possible. When a revolving wheel rotates around a central axis in a single direction the wheel is prompted to continue moving in the

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