Sunday, 10 March 2019

11 & 12 Language related assignment Essay

Generative Context A woman student in Brighton walked home by herself late at darkness and was mugged. She was carrying a lot of cash, didnt tell her friends she was leaving the club and walked bring well-nigh dark steps. The next day I criticised her actions. 2. MeaningWe employment this model to express a critical attitude towards the preceding(a) actions of somebody else. (Advice after the event Rosemary Aitken Teaching Tenses p. 138) 3. Form(subject) + should (+ not) + have + past participle4. Phonemic transcription, including marking the main stressed syllables(Longman dictionary of modern-day English)Particular attention needs to be paid to the weak form of have and, possibly there may need to be some revision of the various pronunciations of the ed ending of the past participle 5. design checking questions (with answers), and, where detach, time lines, diagrams, pictures, etcDid she go home by herself? Yes Was it dangerous? Maybe Was it a good idea? No Am I critic ising her? Yes Am I talking intimately the past or the future? The past on the whole accurateAccesses reference material & reference information learned about language to an appropriate source No evidence even implicit in(predicate) of appropriate source being referenced Evidence (even implicit) of some referencing of appropriate sources Plenty of explicit evidence of appropriately referenced research Uses written language which is clear, accurate and appropriate to the task Numerous errors

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