Saturday, 23 March 2019

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Danah Boyd is a researcher at Microsoft Corporation, a research assistant professor at stark naked York University, at Harvard Law School, and an associate professor at the University of New sec Wales (Boyd, Danah, 2013). In the article Restricting classified ad Advertising Websites Helps Pimps and Human Traffickers, Danah Boyd writes virtually the damaging effect of ban the Adult Service section on the Craigslist website has provided another avenue for homo traffickers. Danah Boyds argument is directed towards fairness enforcement to realized that targeting Craigslist Adult Services section will not turn back the cycle of abuse in the Sex-Power Industry, but the main focus should be centered around other internet cites in general. What is valet trafficking? gibe to Human Trafficking Todays Slave Trade (2008), tender trafficking is interpreted an individual against ones will. One major reason for human trafficking is for sexual exploitation. Throughout her article , Danah Boyd argues that there are no congest systems for the victims of human trafficking, creating an emotional connection with her readers. Danah Boyd used pathos to as an appeal by stating in the beginning of her article that for the past 12 years, she has contributed both capital and time fighting against victimization against women and children and being a victim herself, this angers her to bonk that law enforcement is targeting the wrong avenue. Pathos is also effectively used by Danah Boyd when she explicitly mentioned her personal outrage against law enforcement mandated a censorship against Craigslist. The causation also sympathizes with her readers by thoroughly explaining the horrendous phases a victim of human trafficking and prostitution experienced. For exampl... ... traffickers to conduct illicit activities such as exploiting women and children. Case and point, the Phillip Markoff case. Phillip Markoff was a brilliant medical student who has been charged with ar med robbery, rape and the kill of a woman whom he met on Craigslist (BostonGlobe, 2009). This case brought critics to scrutinized Craigslist as an unlocked internet company. In concluding, Danah Boyds article on Restricting Classified Advertising Websites Helps Pimps and Human Traffickers, have summarized one aspect of how Craigslist can be used as a tool to stop illicit online activities. The causality did annotate any substantial evidence such as statistics to support her argument, but she have chosen pathos, ethos, and logos appeals to prove her stance that censoring Craigslist will not hinder the lucrative business of human trafficker.

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