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Practical and Emotional Intelligence

virtual(a) and Emotional Intelligence Tabitha Driskell PSY/201 March 24, 2013 Taryn Fetscher Practical and Emotional Intelligence Practical acquaintance is the intelligence related to boilers suit success in living. Emotional intelligence is the set of skills that underlie the close assessment, evaluation, expression, and regulation of emotions (Feldman, 2013, p. 385). The difference between the two is that practical intelligence is larn by observing races behaviors while stirred up intelligence has to do with understanding others emotions.Emotional intelligence is the basis of empathy for self-aw atomic number 18ness and cordial skills (Feldman, 2013, p. 385). These some(prenominal) so-and-so attend you accomplish many things, especially if you are good with both. These both rat help you in reality well when working. reasonable imagine you are a cashier register and a client complains about a toothbrush by yelling and calling you unspeakable names. If you are really g ood at both intelligences then you scum bag deal with this in a calm and mature way. Ask the guest what is wrong with the toothbrush, if the customer keeps shouting at you then you know that you deficiency to get the manager.If you have a low intelligence for both stirred up and practical intelligence then you can get fired because you pass on start acting comparable the customer. Emotional intelligence can help in this situation by helping you understand what the somebody is really feeling by their body language, words and facial expressions. It can withal help you by knowing how to calm down the customer plenty so nothing bad happens by listening to what the customer says and talk of the town in a calm and mature way. Practical intelligence can help because you will be good at observing the persons behavior.If you are good at only one of these it may help but not as good as both would. You may get too compassionate if you are only emotionally intelligent because you will really feel sad because of what the customer is discharge through. If you are both though, then you can think about it more than critically using practical intelligence. One television timber that I can think of that uses both intelligences is Bugs Bunny. He is always studying peoples behaviors to see how he can get out of trouble. He also knows how to get to your heart to get out of trouble. Such as with his foe Elmer Fudd who tries to cook him in a lot of episodes.He is able to puzzle out him cry by telling him stories that he knows will make him sad. He also dresses up as other people so that he can get out of trouble. With his wit I believe he can get out of any situation. His practical intelligence and emotional intelligence is easy to see through every episode. Another character is Dr. House who plays in the show House. He is able to tell if individual is lying to him by looking at their body language and behavior. He is also very smart and is actually able to diagnose a room full of patients in a minute while pass out of the clinic.He only did this to show people that he can do it. Although he is good at practical and emotional intelligence, he can be mean. He usually acts like he does not worry about his patients, but he just does that because he does not like to show his emotions. Critics have called his character sociopathic because of this. Other than his flaws he is really smart and intelligent. The only problem he needs to work on is his social skills. Resource Feldman, R. S. (2013) Psychology and your life (2nd ed. ). New York, NY McGraw Hill. My memory of characters

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