Friday, 9 November 2012

Forms, Themes and Techniques of Robert Frost

In many, reputation is use as a mirror for reflection in which the center of benevolent existence in an often indifferent and unspoken universe is skepticismed. As Straumann (p. 162) notes of such images and themes in Frost's works, they are " affiliated with an element of inevitability?and with the unanswerable question of the poet's place in the metaphysical world."

One of Frost's poems that best demonstrate these themes and his use of reputation in this way is undoubtedly Design. In this poem we impinge on Frost's speaker unit focused on mortality, the harsh and often blood-red indifference of temper, and we see him question if on that point is any design, i.e., gist in nature's scheme. We see the poem is typical of Frost's form, a unforesightful lyric of fourteen lines and both stanzas. In it, Frost's speaker is notice nature. He is watching a rover kill an insect. In the poem we see Frost's use of figurative language and symbol to portray the connection between nature and man, as soundly as seeing his tendency to provide images of both the thoroughly (i.e. light) and bad (i.e. dark) aspects of existence.

In Design, the speaker notices a "white" spider on a "white" flower that is encasing a moth resembling a "white piece" of "satin cloth," (Frost, p. 1). All of these images of "white" or lightness are meant to symbolize the beauty of raw nature and of raw human perception. However, in contrast to these images, Frost also incorporat

es images of darkness into man's nature and, thereby, existence. For also in Design we see that there is " dying" and "blight," "witch's broth," and "dead wings," (Frost, p. 1). As such, we see the speaker wonder if there is any design that "govern[s] in a thing so sm completely," or if it was each(prenominal) created "by darkness to appall," (Frost, p. 1). Thus in the symbols of the spider and moth, we see nature reflect the human condition. The speaker, when question if design governs a thing so small, could just as much be talking astir(predicate) human beings. When he wonders if darkness might have created it all, he is talking about human existence as well.
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In a mo of other Frost poems we see the dualistic tendency of human beings to want to commune with nature contrasted with the desire for human fundamental interaction and connection. In Frost's famous poem, The Road Less Traveled, we see that the speaker is once more immersed in nature and confronted with a dilemma. He comes to a fork in the road and makes the decision to canvass the one less traveled, a choice that has " do all the difference" in his life, (Perrine, p. 75). Similar to other dilemmas faced by Frost's speakers, this speaker has chosen the path less traveled that has made all the difference in his life. However, Frost provides no supreme answers to the mysteries of life and nature. We can only speculate if this choice way of life the speaker experienced a positive difference because of his choice, or a negative one. The natural symbols of the two paths represent another(prenominal) human dilemma, which is how often we must choose between two choices in life that alter our destiny. No matter point if the "less traveled" path makes "all the difference" in our lives, we might, upon mature reflection, sigh as the speaker does, being leftover over what the other path may have offered, (Perrine, p. 75). once more, we see Frost use nature as a mirror to reflect human processes and experiences, making his themes universal to all humans.

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